Friday, 9 September 2016

Urban Angel Edinburgh

While the thought of waking up daily to a boyfriend to cuddle is nice, the thought of waking up to brunch in bed fills me with a greater sense of euphoria. I love brunch like really love it. And while that may sound like the most middle class and stereotypical basic white girl statement that there could possibly be, without mentioning the words pumpkin spice, it's true. Brunch is a great meal where the beauty of breakfast and lunch combine to make it perfectly acceptable to eat savoury and sweet... at the same time. For me, the ideal brunch combines smoothies or a little fizz if the occasion deems fit, french toast and a variation of some form of eggs benedict. I usually opt for eggs royal which is just benedict but with smoked salmon instead of ham because it's my absolute favourite. So because I feel so strongly about eggs benedict/royale/florentine I have become a bit of a connoisseur in said area and I'm always on the hunt for a great brunch spot wherever I may be. So when one of my flatmates during my month in Edinburgh said she wanted the best eggs benny on the morning of her birthday you bet I did my darndest to find the best, and oh did I. After a little Google here and a bit of Buzzfeed there it seemed the 'best eggs benedict in Edinburgh' resided at Urban Angel so off we went on the hunt for deliciousness and boy, oh boy did we find it.

Just below street level on Hanover street sits Urban Angel, it's just up from Princess Street  which is Edinburgh's main shopping area, which makes it ideal for a girly brunch before some serious retail therapy.  The place was very busy, expected during the Fringe but I have a feeling this place on weekends could leave you waiting a while, still worth the wait, though. Luckily we only had to wait about fifteen minutes for a table because most people were getting their food to go, the entire menu is available for take-out and at a fraction of the price I might add. We decided to wait outside in the slightly grey weather as the sun decided to just peek out and start ourselves off with a smoothie from their extensive list. I opted for the recovery angel which was full of berries, banana, coconut water, honey and peanut butter. It tasted soo good. Roisin had the sunshine smoothie which was also amazing and the perfect start of the day smoothie with tonnes of berries, banana and freshly squeezed orange juice.
The decor inside was really refreshing and clean, though the rooms were small they didn't feel it if anything it just made it feel more homely. Exposed wood and white washed walls, it's a very instagramable little cafĂ©. Once seated inside it was time to get down to business with the eggs benny that we had been waiting for. Roisin went for the classic egg royale with smoked salmon, a poached egg and delicious hollandaise upon a toasted English muffin, as did I. I opted to add a little spinach on there too because it's my favourite combo, I also nearly added avocado but resisted temptation to spend too much since add-ons come at a little extra price. Sam opted for the haricot beans which consisted of harissa spiced haricot beans with peppers on thick toast served with a poached egg, which he subbed in for scrambled.
Can we just talk about how good this food looks, and it didn't just look good it tasted insane. This was the best hollandaise sauce I've ever tasted, I don't know what about it made it so darn good but literally it lived up to its rep of being the best. I could have happily eaten that every single day during my time up in Scotland and if you're a brunch lover, especially for benny then you need to head here! Sam's fancy beans on toast were insanely good too. Like on the scale of beans on toast, there's like own brand beans with plastic bread, Heinz with like aa proper farmhouse load and then these haricot beans on this think delicious crusty bread. We demolished this brunch, it was gone in a matter of seconds no joke.
I really recommend anyone who's in Edinburgh checks this place out because it's so yummy and such food porn. The brunch menu runs daily till five and the other options all looked amazing, I wish I had just been fat and got the french toast too because if the rest of the food was anything to go by it would have been insane. Urban Angel also offers lunch and the menu for that focus on fresh, local produce so what's not to love. If you're a bit brunch mad like me and think eggs benedict is the pinnacle of breakfast food then you really need to take the trip to this place, trust me I don't say it lightly but hands down the best benny I've ever had!

Do you love brunch? Are you an eggs benedict fanatic like me? Where's your favourite brunch?
Let me know in the comments below.

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