Friday, 9 September 2016

Urban Angel Edinburgh

While the thought of waking up daily to a boyfriend to cuddle is nice, the thought of waking up to brunch in bed fills me with a greater sense of euphoria. I love brunch like really love it. And while that may sound like the most middle class and stereotypical basic white girl statement that there could possibly be, without mentioning the words pumpkin spice, it's true. Brunch is a great meal where the beauty of breakfast and lunch combine to make it perfectly acceptable to eat savoury and sweet... at the same time. For me, the ideal brunch combines smoothies or a little fizz if the occasion deems fit, french toast and a variation of some form of eggs benedict. I usually opt for eggs royal which is just benedict but with smoked salmon instead of ham because it's my absolute favourite. So because I feel so strongly about eggs benedict/royale/florentine I have become a bit of a connoisseur in said area and I'm always on the hunt for a great brunch spot wherever I may be. So when one of my flatmates during my month in Edinburgh said she wanted the best eggs benny on the morning of her birthday you bet I did my darndest to find the best, and oh did I. After a little Google here and a bit of Buzzfeed there it seemed the 'best eggs benedict in Edinburgh' resided at Urban Angel so off we went on the hunt for deliciousness and boy, oh boy did we find it.
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