Monday, 4 July 2016

Outfit Inspo: The Graduation Edit

With Graduations fast approaching we are all on the hunt for an outfit to wear under our robes come the big day. Trust me I've been hunting for months. Finding that perfect balance between formal and slaying, picking the perfect outfit is a difficult.  I've been searching pretty much constantly because I'm so so picky about what sort of style and type of dress I'm was after but I think I've finally found my outfit. And I actually love it and can't wait to wear it next week, ahh. So I thought I'd just just share a little inspo for you all because I know how hard it can be and I've seen so many different options on my hunt that I thought so of you would be pretty grateful for a little outfit breakdown.
Styling for graduation you have to get the right combo between stylish and smart. You can't be taking to the stage in a plunging neckline and have your university dean oogling at you, it's just not done. So think classic cuts and elegant styles which flatter your body and will look nice years down the line when your photograph still line the walls of your parent's home. I was on the hunt simple skater cut dress as I know that's a flattering style on me and will look stylish while still being appropriate for the formality of the event. I managed to find a dress from H&M, its just a very simple white skater with structured skirt bottom and it was a total barg! Colour wise I think it is important to consider to the colour rule that your robes provide. So if your gown features red and yellowy gold like mine will, it's important to remember that and think about what's going to clash. Best way to avoid clashing colours? Pick one of the colours featured in your gown or opt for a natural shade because obviously you can't go wrong with blacks, white, grey, cream etc. Here's a few little outfit ideas that I think are grad approved. 

Now shoes is where you can add some real drama to your look. The shoes are the only part of your outfit that will be seen throughout the day because they'll peep out of the bottom of your robe. I wanted insane shoes because why the hell not! It's important to remember though that graduation day is a long celebration, my ceremony is at half ten in the morning meaning I'll have my heels on from about eight o'clock that morning. But we're not having our sit down dinner till at least one and planning to go out for cocktails and drinks that evening so it's going to be a very, very long day for my tootsies. With that in mind I think it's vital to keep some element of comfort in mind. I'm deffinately trading in barely there stilettos for platform block heels or wedges. I don't think my feet would make it otherwise. I've opted for the most beautiful red suede lace ups from Public Desire with a nice chunky block heel. Yes they're still a five inch heel, ouch, but they look amazing so I'll suffer through. Though I'll probably sneak a trusty pair of rolled up ballet flats inside my clutch for a little bit of relief later on in the day anyways. 

I think when it comes to make-up and hair it's important for you to feel your very best and so I think you should style yourself in the whatever way you desire. If you want to go all out, then do but if you fancy a more understated look then that's fine too. When it comes to hair I think it's important to just remember that you will have your hat on so style with that in mind. For me, my grad look is gojng to be a neutral light smokey eye and a nude lip, or maybe even a pop of red.  Loose curls in the hair and a decent contour to slim my face down in all those photosgraphs. A bit of fake tan won't hurt on those pictures either. And don't forget you'll need a nice little clutch to keep your make-up in to top up throughout the day so you're always photograph ready. Here's a few inspo ideas for shoes, bags and make-up

The main thing about graduation is finding something you look and feel slamming in. This day is all about you and milk it, you deserve it after all the hard work you'll have done to get to that point. This day is all about celebrating the work you've put in over your time at university, and to quote Frozen having 'a big summer blowout!' Enjoy every second of it and smile pretty for those photos because you'll cherish them and the memories they hold further down the line. I'm so excited for my Graduation with my girls, we all got First Class Honours and I'm so proud of my lil girl gang. So make sure to keep an eye out for an OOTD post on my Graduation look coming soon. And enjoy your day as much as I will mine!

What are you wearing for graduation? What is your favourite look in the lookbook?
Let me know in the comments below.

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