Friday, 29 July 2016

Budget Beauty Summer Buys

In the summer months while we opt for lighter coverage foundation, darker coloured skin and that  perfect tousled hair to achieve beach babe status we must remember summer can really take a hit on our beauty regimens. You get oily and sweaty, and if you don't work at it, you can end up looking a little bit of a sweaty mess. Trust me I've been there, humidity is public enemy numero uno. My hair gets super oily, my skin super dry then too far the other way, and rather than a looking beach babe I end up looking more like Babe the pig. So for me, these are just a few products for hair and skincare that I can't bare to be without lately. They've been my little saviours in this burst of sun, and stickiness that has hit here in the UK and thank goodness for them because now I'm concering this sunshine like a little pro.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Outfit Inspo: The Graduation Edit

With Graduations fast approaching we are all on the hunt for an outfit to wear under our robes come the big day. Trust me I've been hunting for months. Finding that perfect balance between formal and slaying, picking the perfect outfit is a difficult.  I've been searching pretty much constantly because I'm so so picky about what sort of style and type of dress I'm was after but I think I've finally found my outfit. And I actually love it and can't wait to wear it next week, ahh. So I thought I'd just just share a little inspo for you all because I know how hard it can be and I've seen so many different options on my hunt that I thought so of you would be pretty grateful for a little outfit breakdown.
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