Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Product Expiration Dates

So when it comes to make-up it's important to remember where these products are going. You're literally covering your face and letting these potions and lotions soak into your skin so  remembering that, hygiene is pretty important. I was speaking to some of my friends and they weren't sure why their make-up was changing colour or consistency or if make-up went off at all. But after having trouble with my skin when I was younger I learnt quickly the importance of cleaning your brushes, replacing products and about product expiration dates. So I thought I'd write a quick little post about make-up upkeep, trust me, your face will thank you for it.
Ok so the simplest way to find a products exportation is by looking at the packaging. Every item of make-up has a little symbol somewhere on it which indicates the expirey date and it looks like a little open tub. The number inside the tub represents the number of months after exposing the product to oxygen that you should be using it. Products like foundations last between six to twelve months, though you may notice some changes in your products. Once you open a foundation it mixes with the air and oxidises, the more/longer the exposure to oxygen it can change the colour and the general way the product applies and wears. I know some foundations which after a certain point can really turn and become very orange, even in the fair shades due to oxidisation. So if you're having issues with your foundation and it's a little older then maybe try swapping it out for a new one.
Not surprising that products like mascara and liners have the shortest shelf life due to there nature. These products harbour bacteria like any other but when coming into such close contact with your eyes the risk of infection and conjunctivitis is heightened, so replenishing them is essential. Mascara is good for around three months where liners will last around six to twelve. However unlike other eye products shadow pallets will last palettes around two years, if you don't hit pan beforehand that is. Similarly facial powders and setting powders will last about two years. As will other set or baked products like bronzer, blush and highlight. For that reason I feel it makes much more sense to splurge on a high-end products that will last for longer, and won't expire after a few months. For me splurging    on Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill X Becca (£32) makes much more sense than the YSL Flash Effect Mascara (£25). While both are amazing products one lasts around three times as long as the other.  For that extra little bit of money you're really getting a lot more when you consider how much longer its considered hygienic to use.
However some products like brushes and beauty blenders don't have that symbol so how do you know then? With brushes it's obvious as soon as lots of the hair starts falling out its probably time to say goodbye. It's more important to be giving your brushes a deep clean than be replacing them constantly. When it comes to beauty blenders it's pretty easy to tell when they have peaked, they start to break off or rip like the ones in the photo below and I think they become denser. I'm waiting on my new one to arrive because these are dead! With any sponges you should be replacing them about two times a year, every six months but washing them after every use. I'm terrible for washing my brushes and blender but recently after breaking out heavily and not knowing why I stepped up my game and started cleaning everything properly and since, my skin has been sooooo clear! I't's important to remember exactly what your using to put make-up on your skin and that it does harbour bacteria so cleaning your tools is vital!
So go grab you're make-up collection and have a sort through, throw out that clumpy dried up mascara and I promise you your skin will thank you for it. I know throwing away products can be sad, I'm such a make-up hoarder, but when you consider the hygiene side of things and how much this bacteria might be effecting your skin or just the general application of products. For individual products check the back of each individual product, however for a general idea of how long products last there's a handy little list below. Now I'm going to go and sort my collection now, cry, but I know how much better my face will be because of it. 

Did you know products expired? Does keeping to expirations help your skin?
Let me know in the comments below.


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