Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Top Travel Spots: Short Haul

It's summer and the first thing that comes to my mind with summer is holidays. Let's be honest we all want to be jetting off year round and spending our days in hotter climates with delicious food and sights to explore. To be honest I spend about 99% of my life dreaming of distant islands, beautiful sandy beaches and quaint city breaks and I'm currently planning my summer travels and subsequently my back year travels, ooo. But until then I'm stuck reminiscing of all the amazing places I've been and telling you why these make the list for my favourite travel destinations. My complete list includes everything from short haul to long, cheap breaks and a bit more pricey trips so regardless of what you're after there should be somewhere on the list that will appeal to you.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Product Expiration Dates

So when it comes to make-up it's important to remember where these products are going. You're literally covering your face and letting these potions and lotions soak into your skin so  remembering that, hygiene is pretty important. I was speaking to some of my friends and they weren't sure why their make-up was changing colour or consistency or if make-up went off at all. But after having trouble with my skin when I was younger I learnt quickly the importance of cleaning your brushes, replacing products and about product expiration dates. So I thought I'd write a quick little post about make-up upkeep, trust me, your face will thank you for it.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Get the look: Chanel Resort 2017 Collection

Now while I'm a little late to the party I couldn't help myself writing a post about the Chanel Resort  2017 Collection show that took place in Cuba. It's all kinds of dreamy. Karl Lagerfeld's newest collection heroes the Cuban women from their effortless style to the colours of the Caribbean. I've been loving experimenting with bolder colours and patterns in now that it's finally starting to warm up here in England (though I'd still rather be in Cuba) and this collection is giving me all sorts of summer inspo. It's just such sassy and bold styling choices that are just muy elegante y atractivo. See how you can get the look at the bottom of this rainbow filled post so you can channel all things Viva Coco Libre!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Where have I been? A catch up post

¡Holá strangers! I've been somewhat vacant from the blogosphere lately and I'll give you one simple reason why... University. And more specifically third year of university. I have officially handed in my last piece of work as an undergraduate and performed for the last time as a member of Northumbria University. Cry. It's been a very hectic year and blogging had to really take a back seat to my work which was sad, but necessary. After writing essay upon essay, plus attending lectures and rehearsals there just wasn't enough hours in the day. So I've complete my degree (expect a lot of post university post coming up) and it's been a totally crazy year. In September I started working on a self directed performance with my girl gang and we created a performance that I'm so incredibly proud of.  It was the most out-there and crazy performance I've ever been involved in but it was so rewarding, we got a first hurray! This then lead us to be selected to perform at an international theatre Festival in Croatia, like what? And then of all things we won this festival. Out of numerous different theatre academies and schools from across Europe that attended our little baby won, the experience was completely surreal but so amazing. This was all happening alongside creating a audio-experience performance the used real testimony of bulimia suffers to raise awareness and writing essays for other modules too. Finally my last performance resulted in working on a piece of verbatim theatre about the Oklahoma bombing in a professional theatre setting. Since Easter break I was in  rehearsals at half eight till six every day, then headed off to the library to put in more shifts to write and research my alongside papers. But in the end it was all worth it because the experience was second to none. I worked with an amazing cast and performed something that I will forever cherish. Here's a little photo gallery of all my performances and work from my final, and dare I say best year at university.
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