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Zara Black Amber/Femme Eau De Toilette Duo

Previously on my blog I raved about Zara's amazing perfume duo, you can read it here and to this day it's one of my most popular posts. I can totally get why I mean two amazing perfumes for less than what you'd normally pay for one... you can't complain! Now while I'm still obsessed with the Fruity and Oriental there's another duo which I'm just in love with! Plus did I mention it's £12.99... for two 100ml bottles of eau de toilette. Zara keep impressing me so much with these duo, I can't rave enough. 

Zara Woman Black Amber/Femme duo offers two different toilet waters and they both make a welcome addition to anyones perfume collection. Eau De Toilette box set is the most perfect little treat anyone's perfume collection could have. These are two very wearable scents are offer both a musky floral and a spicy rich scent, both perfect for day and night. The packaging of these two bottles is just so simple and elegant, they look beautiful on any dresser. The matte white bottle with rose gold detailing juxtaposes that of the black and silver to create a duo which really does highlight the difference in the scents. 

Black Amber is the black bottle, obviously and is personally my favourite of the two. The smell is musky, oriental and strong but not overpowering. The spicy citrus notes of tangerine and passionfruit compliment those of tire flower to give off this delicious aroma. The base of vanilla and amber help add another layer of sweetness to keep the fragrance from being too strong. The blend instead creates this rich, gorgeous fragrance. Like with the Oriental perfume in the other duo, this seems to be a dup for that of a designer perfume. The smell is incredibly similar to that of The One by Dolce and Gabbana and shares similar notes to create a very close dupe. Personally I love The One so finding this cheaper version which is so similar I'm very impressed, as is my pursestrings. If you like musky, spicy and strong scents then this perfume is definitely for you, I'm a huge lover of all scents like this and it's my go to for daily wear.
Femme is the white and in turn more light fragrance, as the name suggest it's a very feminine fragrance. It's very soft and elegant. This scent is a very classic one, floral but by no means that type of floral perfume which smells like old ladies and potpourri. With notes of bergamot, peony and vanilla make a delicious concoction while the base notes of patchouli and musk give the scent more depth and help it from being just a typical floral smell. I'm usually not one to like more floral scents but this one,  due to the more musky elements  means I'm completely in love with it. It's such a beautiful fragrance. Many online say it smells very similar to that of Dior's Hypnotic Poison, so even better, two dupes for less than even a 30ml version of either of them.
Separately they will cost you £9.95 each, so for that extra couple of pounds you get a real bargain. The two smells are very different but also compliment each other beautifully. I think this duo makes an amazing gift for anyone, since they're bound to love these fragrances I think it's hard not to. Also with the added dupe factor you really can't complain. For only £6.50 per perfume you really do get way more than you'd ever think you cold for that price. I'm just so obsessed with this duo and think anyone who tries it out will be too!

Have you tried Zara's perfume range? Do you love this duo? Dupes or not?

Let me know in the comments below. 



  1. Please tell me where I can purchase this in Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Hi I bough t the Zara Black Amber at Zara at the VA waterfront in CT

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