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Spring Detox Waters

Now the spring has sprung and everything seems to finally becoming more colourful and vibrant again, I thought it was time to write a post which gets some colour along with some great heath benefits into your life. So since the end of last year I've been watching my weight and actively trying to become more healthy and aware of what I'm putting into my body. Now I'm no where near my goals, nor do I stick to my diet/exercise routine like a should but regardless since making an active choice to become healthier I've lost over a stone, hurray! One way I've aided my weight loss is by increasing my daily water intake. Not only does keeping hydrated do wonders for your skin, but but it helps curbs my cravings by making me feel fuller. Plus dehydration could be the root of your snacking cravings in the first place. I've been trying to drink three litres a day, but at least two! But all the water can get a little boring so I've been switching it up by adding different fruits and herbs into my drinks to reap the extra benefits of detox waters. They're so tasty and totally instagram worthy, so here's my three favourite fruity recipes!

The Berry Basil
This Strawberry basil water is a belly buster meaning it has flab fighting properties making it a great aid for weight loss. So not only does this taste really delicious and look very cute with its pink tinted water, its actually making you slimmer... what's not to love. Strawberries anthocyanins help burn stored fat, and thats true of any fruit that has red, purple or blue pigmentation. While also containing flavonoids that help lower the risk of heart disease and the potassium within strawberries also help promote bone health. Basil not only gives a yummy twist to the strawberry flavour but is proven to help reduce stress and keep your skin free of blemishes.

For this recipe you'll need to hull and quarter a good handful of strawberries, about five or six or works best for a single serve bottle. A handful of fresh basil. I put emphasis on the word fresh, don't use the dry stuff from the spice rack as that definitely won't taste good. Just pop in the chopped strawberries, the sprigs of basil, some ice if desired and cold water. Hey presto there you have your strawberry basil water. Leave this for Leave it for around 15 minutes at least before drinking so the water has time to infuse the goodness and the taste into every mouthful.
Apple Pie 
I call this detox water the Apple Pie simply because it uses the two main ingredients of any true pie, apples and cinnamon. The apple cinnamon detox is great because its a super low calorie but tasty drinking option and full with healthy boosters. Apples contain antioxidants like vitamin c and b complex while also containing pectin. Pectin bonds to heavy metals in your system and helps them to be flushed out more easily to detoxify the liver. For this reason this drink is great for bouncing back after a heavy weekend to keep your live in decent shape. Cinnamon is an antioxidant which has numerous health benefits from balancing your blood sugar to lowering cholesterol and makes everything tastier in my opinion.

This recipe works at a 1:1 ration meaning for every apple you'll only need one cinnamon stick. However that said I used two because cinnamon is one of my all time favourite flavours and I like mine with a very strong cinnamon taste. Just cut your apple into slices, pop the stick in whole, water obviously and then add some ice. Voila! Again leave it for around 15 minutes at least before drinking so the water has time to infuse and then your apple pie detox water is ready to go.
Minty Lemon-aid
Lemonade is a summer favourite but it's loaded with sugar and calories however this water not only tastes delicious but aids in weightless, pardon the pun. It also makes for a great morning water as it's very refreshing and helps kickstart your day with a tarty lick. Lemon is great for numerous things, from cleansing the liver to balancing the bodies pH levels to reducing inflammation within the body. While mint is a great cleanser for the blood and is a well-known stomach settler that aids digestion.

This recipe is very simple just take a lemon and slice into thin wedges, I used around half a lemon for a single serve bottle. Grab some fresh mint, if you're getting it from the garden like I did just give it a quick wash beforehand for hygiene reasons. Just mix the water, lemon wedges, sprigs of mint and ice together and again leave it to rest for around 15 minutes to fully infuse with the water. There you have it, a summery, sin-free take on lemonade.
These detox waters are just some of the waters out there that contain huge health benefits and fruits you can come by year round. But as summer draws closer and different fruits come into season, the possibilities for more exotic and varied combinations are endless. I'll probably do a follow up with some more exotic recipes later in the summer months so keep an eye out. The benefits from these infused water are plentiful and taste so good too. So sip your way to a slimmer summer with a refreshing and healthier options this spring.

What's your favourite infused water combo? Are you a detox water fan
Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I love infused water and Lemon Mint is a go to of mine, but I am def going to try thee other 2. Thank you! x

    Robyn | www.robynlouiiise.com


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