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Burger and Lobster Manchester

Sometimes when you go dinner and there's too many options on the menu it can be a little confusing and bewildering, like what do you want, what shouldn't you miss, what's different and interesting. It can all be a little too much. Sometimes I just want to sit down and decide between this or that and eat, is that really too much to ask? Well apparently not because that's the very concept at Burger and Lobster, where the options on the menu (or should I say lack of a menu) are literally Burger or Lobster... or both is you can handle that... apparently I can. So if you like meat, or if you like lobster, or if you just swing both ways then this place is the place for you.

I first tried Burger and Lobster while in London and immediately fell in love with the concept, I mean if those two items of food are foods you enjoy there is literally nothing you can't love about this place. So what's on the menu? They serve literally just burger and lobster, in a few variations. You can add bacon and cheese to a burger, simple. You can eat your lobster in either a roll or in grilled or steamed form. All accompanied with chips, salad and the most insane garlic butter sauce. They also sell bigger lobsters by the kilo if your a larger group wanting to really dig in.
But the little combo deal is where I'm at.  Between two of you you'll have a lobster, so half each, grilled or steamed to your liking plus a burger each. Along with fries and salad and even two mini desserts, we had the mini apple crumble and a mini eton mess ooo. I've personally only tried the combo because it's such good value for money but I've been told on good authority that the lobster roll is insane too. Drinks wise the list is extensive from beers, my mum opted for Samuel Adams because why not to their punchy fruit cocktails to what I think is the most delicious thing ever, their BL Iced Tea. A concoction of Earl Grey, watermelon and lemon mmm.
Now trust me things can get a little messy here with all that crackin' going on when it comes to lobster, don't worry bibs are given and no you won't look like a weirdo wearing it because everyone is, that's part of the fun. But pre-warning if messy food isn't your style, or your on a first date and don't want food flying because you're trying to make a good impression then maybe come back at a later date. But on a sidenote the first time I went I was on a date and we loved it, it's a fun atmosphere with good food plus he even cracked my lobster for me... what a gent. Plus how cute does my mum look getting all ready to dig in, who said bibs aren't fashion forward?
The decor is always so fitting inside, with lobster crates, barrels and and a rustic kind of charm that feeds into the nautical theme of the restaurant. The manchester restaurant is huge, with everything from long canteen style tables to booths, to massive round tables to seat larger groups and even a raised private dining room overlooking the rest of the restaurant so there's plenty of space even when it gets packed out. There's a space for live music and of course there's a tank of little lobsters across the walls awaiting to become dinner. If you're one of these people who likes not to recognised that your food was alive before being served to you, or had eyes for that matter then avoid looking to the right as you walk in the door.
I think the food and concept here make it so much fun and so easy to grab a really good bite to eat. For a single dish you're looking at a set price of £20 or splurge the extra tenner each, £30 per person/ £60 in total for the combo. Personally I think it's there's better burgers out there for that money so if you're only after the meat then maybe look else where, but if you want lobster then that fixed price is perfect and to be honest I think the combo is a steal in comparison! And those fixed prices carry to their London restaurants too, making it super competitive prices in the capital. I'm a little obsessed with this place and could easily go and stuff my face with a combo deal right now happily. If you're ever in Manchester or London for that matter, they have nine locations including mayfair, soho and oxford circus, then be sure to check them out for a really great plate of surf and turf.

Have you tried Burger and Lobster? Will you? Are you a lobster fan?
Let me know in the comments below.

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