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Ok so just like every other girl on the planet I have found myself lusting after the beautiful bikinis that are Triangl. If you're not familiar with the brand then you must be living under a rock or be a total social recluse, these things epitomise Instagram envy in every form. So when I received an email from the amazing team over at Triangl HQ saying they wanted to send me a bikini of my choice, not going to lie, I totally I freaked out! Finally with one of these babies in my hands I could see if they are worth the hype... And trust me they are.
When given the option of which set I wanted to get my hands on it meant hours or trying to decide I was so torn between all the beautiful styles and choices. Do I want a structured cup, a triangle bra or a bandeau? Do I want underwire? Hipster or classic bikini bottom shape. What colour? What patterning? Oh the decisions. Finally I decided on the amazing Farrah - Wild Thing set*, available here. I love the effortless style of this bikini, the crochet detailing and the colour is insane. With a tan it'll be  pure perfection.

The PR team at Triangl advised me to speak to one of their team through the websites live chat so I'd have a little help with sizing. I'd heard from other reviews that the sizing on these bikinis comes up a little short especially when factoring the nature of neoprene, the material the bikinis are made from. Neoprene is the material wet suits are made from, it hugs to the body and has a greater resistance to stretching so fit is everything. With that in mind I thought I'd speak to one of the staff just to get their opinion on the best fit for me and my body type. They advised me for the Farrah top due to the fact the back strap isn't adjustable that for my bra size a 34C the Small+ would be the best fit. The + sizes are specifically designed for people with a small under-bust and larger bust. Now when it came to bottoms I was a little apprehensive as the thought of dreaded muffin top entered my mind... ugh! But as the websites and the live chat will prompt you, size up. I usually take a 10 in bikini bottoms as I am more of an hourglass/pyramid shape with larger hips and thighs, so wearing a 10 means I usually don't get any overhang. But on the live chat I was advised to size up to a L, a Uk 12 as the bottoms don't have much wiggle room so I did. Now the waiting game for it to be shipped over.
It arrived in no time, like I was so surprised how quickly it came. Always a bonus when your desperate to receive something. When I open it I automatically fell in love, I just wanted to book a holiday so I could flaunt it on a beach somewhere. I love how they come with their own bags to keep them inside, makes it even cuter by my standards. The style is just so perfect for me, though I was panicking about the fit. But luckily it's perfect on me. No overhang, no muffin top, no nip slips. It fits like a glove and I'm so glad that I used the advise of the live chat to get the perfect fit. These bikinis are not cheap so you want them to be perfect on and I think by using the tools they provide you with you can get that. My opinion on sizing is they do definitely run small, these size L would fit how I'd say a usual size 10 would fit me in bottoms so it's critical to size up if you want the correct fit on these bottoms. Ok buying a larger size feels weird and if your like me you'll panic you've gained weight but it's not, it's the adjustment you have to make for the lack of give the material has. But that lack of give means you're getting a product that doesn't sag and become misshapen after a few dips in the pool or the ocean. 
The one thing I'd make sure everyone knows about Triangl bikinis before purchasing is the care you have to take of the garment to keep it in a nice condition. Due to the fabric the swimsuit, especially after wearing it is prone to creasing which will ruin the whole ascetic of the set. Nobody wants a big crease up the front of their bottoms now do they. When not on your body the suit needs to be laid flat to avoid this, so keeping it in the bag or box provided help a lot. If you do crease it they suggest you can iron over it on a cool setting through a towel to try ease the crease but it's just better not to get one in the first place. Also when wearing your bikini try avoid leaving them in the sun too long as this risks the material stiffening and drying out plus will help avoid bleaching of colour. Also hand washing is vital to keep the colour but also the shape of the bikini in tact and crease free. All this information you get on a care card with your new bikini but it's just worth remembering if you're considering purchasing as they do need a little more care than your standard swimsuit. 
For me I think these bikinis are worth every penny. Yes they're a little more pricey but the fabric is better quality and will hold stronger to it shape because of it, also the styles are beautiful. Yes you have to care for the garment but it's worth it to keep it in good condition, especially when these bikinis are that bit pricer. No point ruining something you've paid good money for. I think as long as you get the correct fit, which is easy with the help of the live chat on their website and remember when you size up because the fit is snug due to the neoprene these bikinis are really worth the extra money. And if that hasn't sold you, just look at how pretty it is... I mean come on!

Have you bought from Triangl? Will you? What's your favourite swimwear brand?
Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I bought the small top but I don't like the coverage. It's not enough for me but the waist line fit. Do you think a small+ would be a better fit? I'm a 36A/34B but I'm extremely modest & the small was too tiny for me.


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