Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Shrinking Violet Home Edition

Everyone wants to lose those extra few lbs to look the best they possibly can, and even better when you can find a quick and painfree method that shows results won't leave you craving a dirty double cheeseburger at the end of some fad diet. Like many I wish there was a way to bust the belly and fight the flab without really try. Yes I know I should be more like other bloggers and love healthy eating and working out but really I'm a massive foodie and not so much a fan of sweating that off so where does that leave me? Well it has brought me to Shrinking Violet*. So what's that you ask? Shrinking Violet is a clinically proven way to remove inches in your problem areas through their painless and effortless method. So when this adorably wrapped box arrived at my door it was fair to say I was pretty excited.
Shrinking Violet made itself known in the professional beauty industry but now these inch-loss specialists are making it so everyone can get their hands on their amazing products to use in the comfort of your own home. I was lucky enough to receive this brand new Shrinking Violet Home Use Kit. Inside the kit lay the shrinky solution, a tape measure and log books to track my results and of course the all important Shrinky suit. So how does this work towards weight loss exactly? Shrinking Violet combines its professionally tested oil based solution and its specially made Shrinky Suit technology to enhance to weight loss. The suit literally works like a sauna and encourages perspiration to help cleanse your body of toxins resulting in you losing pounds. So unwanted weight is literally falling off you in the form of sweaty, water droplets.
The beauty of this treatment is that the suit only requires you to raise your body temprature by two degrees to help activate the solution, meaning you can wear it during an at home workout (or at the gym if your brave) or even whist sitting still. Yes literally you can lose weight while sitting watching TV or even while doing the dishes! What's not to love about that? After one hour of sweating it out in your sauna suit you'll already see a difference. And even after that when you've taken off your suit and the presperation has stopped, the solution will keep working in your skin for some time after that. Has losing weight ever sounded so easy? 
The team over at Shrinking Violets have challenged me to a 90 day challenge to see how many pounds I can shift using their amazing at home kit. It's time for me to start my new weight loss adventure in my spaceman-like-Shrinky Suit. I wonder how much belly I can bust in this thing? I'll be doing a follow up about how I found the home use kit and what my results are like. If you want to join me on my 90 day challenge, get your hands on your own Shrinking Violet kit here. 90 days... Let's do this!

Are you going to try Shrinking Violet? Does the 90 day challenge sound do-able to you? Are you brave enough to wear the Shrinky Suit?
Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. This sounds like a totally unique method of losing weight, I'd love to learn more about it and see if it works for me!



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