Friday, 7 August 2015

Three B's to Healthy Hair

I feel from a young age us girls have unrealistic expectations of our hair. We all want those Disney Princess locks with so much thickness and volume, that just perfectly quiffs as you lie on top of a rock in the middle of the ocean. But sadly our hair dreams remain just that. I've always been very lucky with my hair, my colour is completely natural and it usually grows very quickly. That being said I've noticed it's become damaged over my time at university. A killer combination of late nights, stress and poor diet but what I consider to be the real root of my hair issues... heat. I'm now on a mission to regrow thick, healthy hair. After some extensive research online I've found three little tricks to help my hair which are now known as the three Bs. I've been using these methods for the last two months and already noticed a massive difference in the condition of my hair so I thought I'd share them with you.  Here's my tips for getting big, bouncy, beautiful hair.

I've always had the type of hair that malts everywhere but because of damage and thinning I've become slightly more worried and paranoid than I've been before. When my hair was its thickest I never used to protect it or do anything to maintain it, I was just lucky but now I wish I had done more to get myself into a better routine before university.  Now on my effort to get my hair back to a healthy state I've done a lot of research and I'm trying numerous different efforts to regrow my long, luscious locks but there are three things that since using have made a huge difference. It's as simple as  Bx3
After hearing rave reviews of different hair growth products I was intrigued to see what the hype was all about. But while I was in the process of buying said products I read numerous comments about how the success of these pills came from one ingredient alone. Biotin. Everyone stressed just to buy biotin as this is the 'hair growth vitamin' and that's the main ingredient in all these products which help hair regrowth. Apparently though you have to be cautious as Biotin can really effect the skin, one lady said hers was like a cheese grater after using it. I started taking biotin and noticed a few little breakouts so to eradicate this I started taking Vitamin B6 which is good at balancing out your hormones and keeping your skin under control. B6 is also a great vitamin for helping your hair grow without the biotin and gives your body a boost to enable regrowth. I feel between these two products my skin is the same but I'm seeing a lot more thickness and growth since taking these tablets. 
Or more importantly detangling brushes, as they're a great way to avoid extra damage and breakage while brushing your hair. Brushes like Tangle Teasers help easily get through knots and doesn't snag on your hair while brushing meaning there's less damaged being done to the hair. By using a detangling brush you avoid pulling and breaking the hair follicles. I'm currently loving this one I got from Beauty Bay as the handle makes it so easy to brush you hair in smooth movements and stops pulling and snags. This brush has been my saviour lately, especially when my hair has been knotty due to its growing length. 
Until the begin on the summer I was never able to do more than a regular braid but now I've learnt to french braid my hair I literally wear it like this any time I'm not doing much, or when I'm doing the exact opposite like going out for walks with the dog or the gym.  I found learning to do a french braid was tricky because I was doing the braid on a side part, but now I've got the hang of it and literally can do it without even thinking. Braids help protect the hair follicles from the elements and enables the hair to remain in tact, thus keeping it strong and giving it a chance to grow. I also love braiding my hair as a method of styling without heat. Wearing my hair in braids to sleep means the next day I'll wake up with a curly fro which once brushed out a little and tamed with some hair spray gives a great laid back style. Using an hair tie without a metal section to secure the braid means that won't damage your hair either.

The secret to having Disney princess hair still remains a mystery to me but since I've been using these  little tips, my three Bs to healthy hair I've noticed a huge difference. My hair feels and looks thicker and is growing so fast lately. If you're on a mission to try regrow your luscious locks, I feel like these steps could make all the difference as they certainly did for myself. I'm constantly trying new things to help my hair but for me these three simple steps have done my hair a world of good. It's as simple as Bx3.

Have you tried the Biotin? What's your hair secret? Are you trying to regrow your hair?
Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Love this post!
    I started using coconut oil on the ends of my hair and it looks so much healthier since and less prone to breaking! Not the nicest feeling thing but worth it :)

    1. Oh I've been using coconut oil too but it makes my hair so greasy so can't use it as much as I'd like hmm. But very too feels so much better after it xo


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