Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Tavira Adventure: Part Two

After only a few short days in the town of Tavira, I had fallen in love. It's quaint charm, friendly locals and ridiculously high temperatures meant this town was just everything you could ever want here, I began exploring the beautiful town. But there was still so much too see including the gorgeous Ilha De Tavira, the island that city plays host to only a quick ferry ride down the river. I mean what more could you ask for than a island beach along with some gorgeous sunsets and lots of delicious Tapas.
We decided we wanted to see a little more of the town so one afternoon we braved wearing clothes other than a bikini in the 40 degree weather and ventured out to do some sight seeing. We wander around the back streets and a little more off the beaten path and found the most beautiful buildings and architecture around. We took in the local history which the town has plenty of, everything from the old slavery memorial to the Church of the Holy Spirit to the old Roman watch tower which still stands above the town and can be seen overlooking the homes of locals. We also discovered the camera observer, a converted water tower which you could look out over the whole town from (unfortunately it was close when we discovered it.) We found ourselves walking up a back street where we found the old monastery and the beautiful clock tower but also gave us the most beautiful view over the rooftops of Tavira where we sat and enjoyed the sun set. 
We still hadn't been to the beach as were more pool goers really, but it would be rude not to visit the beautiful Ilha de Tavira. The island which is only assessable by the local ferry or water taxis plays host to 11km of white sandy beach, plus loads of water sports, fresh fish restaurants and even a camp site if you want to stay on the island paradise over night. We jumped on the ferry packed with tourists and locals alike and headed over to the island. This beach was so gorgeous! The place was lively but at the same time so serene once you were relaxing under your tiki-like straw parasol or beach bed and being handed fresh doughnuts to nibble on. The water was so clear and refreshing on such a hot day, it was nearing 40˚ with the heatwave hitting us. The island had no lack of entertainment with the lively beach bars and the huge water inflatable which was hilarious to watch people throwing themselves onto. The island all carted to all your needs with a vast array of restaurants cooking up the catch of the day. We ended up stuffing our faces with hanging fish kebabs, caught fresh that morning!  And while it wasn't the fanciest of restaurants when surrounded with white sands, turquoise sea and freshly caught seafood how could we complain? 
 The food in Tavira was delicious, we didn't have one bad meal our entire trip. With fresh seafood caught daily and then traded in the markets this is a fish lovers paradise. There was also great little Italians with food fire pizzas and tapas bars to die for. We ate at one tapas bar right alongside the river as the sun set, it was so yummy and so relaxing I didn't want to leave. One of the other things I loved about this town was how there was always something going on, from performances in the square to watching kayakars on the river while you ate your dinner, to watching the turtle swim in the square, to the night markets full of tasty treats. It really is a beautiful town to visit. 
This holiday was the perfect little break for me and my mum. We got everything we wanted from our trip and so much more, it was a great mother/daughter bonding holiday and I loved every second of it. Tavira was the most serene little town and I definitely fell in love with its easy going ways and quaint charm. If anyone is looking for a little bit of Portguese heaven then look no further because this sleepy little fishing village has it all. - The quality photos is seriously lacking, so I apologise. Blame my camera, the heat or my mums basic photography skills (bless her) But sometimes living the experience is more important than taking photos anyways. 

Have you been to Tavira? Would you like to visit? Where's your favourite holiday spot?
Let me know in the comments below.

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