Saturday, 22 August 2015

Derma V10 Blogger Box

Last month while I was at #theCityGirls Leeds event, find my full post on that here, the team over Derma V10 were lovely enough to gift us all with a blogger box of goodies to test and try out. I'm a huge fan of Derma V10's products so I was extremely excited to see exactly what was waiting for me inside this little brown box. I'm always on the hunt for products to help keep my skin in the best possible condition it can be and when a brand prides themselves on products which can make you 'love yourself for less' then of course I'm going to be all for that. Who says you need to spend big bucks to have the healthiest skin around?
Inside the box were four of Derma V10's products, some of which I've heard all the hyped behind and some which I've never come across before but all yet to be tested by my. I was super excited to try these products out because I know how high quality they are, plus I also love that they're not tested on animals so that gives me a little piece of mind when using it on my skin that no fluffy bunnys were harmed in the process.
There's nothing I love more than hydrating my skin with a rich body butter, especially with winter around the corner. During the colder months my skin gets so dry from the harsh weather up North so having a product I know is going to keep my skin feeling healthy and nourished is very vital in my skincare routine. I also love using body butter in the summer after tanning in order to stop the dreaded peel and keep my colour for a little longer, so after my final summer holiday of the year I will be layering this stuff on my skin without a doubt. I usually apply a body butter before I go to sleep because I feel like that gives it chance to soak into your skin over night and really hydrate your body. This Cocoa Body Butter glides on like a dream and makes your skin feel so silky, after I use it people genuinely comment on how soft my skin feels. The colouring of the product to me means I actually use less product than I normally would, as I can see where I've already applied it so I still reap all the same benefits, but my tub lasts twice as long. And then there's the smell of this stuff, oh my! Literally I get such bad cravings when applying this because it smells so delicious and yummy, good enough to eat but that I don't recommend.
My mother always taught me it's never too early to fight against wrinkles, especially if that fight is happening while your blissfully unaware in the land of nod. I feel like hydrating your skin before hitting the hay is vital to keeping your skin in tip-top form. For a suggested eight hours a day, or more if your a student who likes her lie ins your skin is just bare so why not give it chance to soak up some much needed TLC in the form of a night cream, like really there's no reason not to? I swear by night creams because I don't like applying moisturise in the morning, before my make-up as I feel it can make me look a little shiny so I was sure excited to dry this Q10 Innovations Night Cream. This cream is so hydrating, I've been using it every single night and I love it. It doesn't make my skin too oily or cloggy the next day but leaves it feeling moisturised and refresh. Cya later wrinkles and fine lines.
I'm very picky with day moisturisers are many make my skin far too oily throughout the day so I'm always a little vary and make sure to test new products on lazy days just so I'm not caught out looking like shine-zilla. I'm all about glowing, dewy looks at the moment with strobing and highlight so popular, plus a glowing look in summer is perfect especially with a tan. This stuff is jammed packed with tons of goodies for your skin such as pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E in order to help achieve that healthy glow, and even spf 15 to protect you from harmful uv rays. I love the effect this stuff gives off, it makes your skin look so healthy! You know when you've got a tan and your skin just glows, well that's the effect this moisturise gives. For me it does make my skin a little oily which is a shame but for no make-up days when I just want to have a natural radiance I would definitely grab this stuff.
First it must be said I was sooo gutted when I opened my Rescue Oil because it was the product I was most excited to try and annoyingly my bottle had leaked leaving me with only 3/4 of the product, ows. But never the less I was so excited to try this stuff out. I've used other oil products to help reduce the visibility of my stretch marks from my younger year growth spurts but they are so expensive so I was excited to see how this matched up considering it's so much more affordable. It feels exactly like other more expensive oils and already I've seen a difference on those unsightly lines so I'm very impressed. I've also heard this stuff is great for blemishes like those scar like ones that never seem to leave your face and since using this I've actually realised that they've become a lot less noticeable and easier to cover with make-up, so that's a win!

The overall thing I have to say about all four of these products is that you definitely get way more than you pay for. I feel a lot of the time people base their concepts of how well a product works upon the price tag. Oh this is expensive it must be better than the cheaper version and that's just not the case! These products are so good, even better than other more expensive but extremely similar products on the market... especially when you factor in the price. These products are where affordability and quality meet head on to provide you with the best possible product at the best possible price and I'm completely in love with them.

Have you tired these products? What's your favourite Derma V10 product? Do you buy based on price tags?
Let me know in the comments below.

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