Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bubbleology Leeds Trinity Launch Event

What happens when you add together a little bit of science and a little bit tea? You get Bubbleology! Over the summer I was invited down to help celebrate the launch of the new Bubbleology Leeds 'Trinity store and try some crazy, popping tea creations. Now I was already familiar with bubble tea before this place opened and have tried it from their concession inside Topshop Oxford Street, but since the Leeds' opening my tea cravings have soared through the roof and once you've tried it I'm sure yours will too.
Behind the bubble bar, fitting I know, the staff whipped up our choices of tea and while they only had a limited selection of flavours with them it was more than enough to try some whacky flavour combos. Mixing different flavour pearls and teas to try every possible creation wasn't a terrible way to spend the afternoon. Now if you're not familiar with bubble tea let me explain what it's all about. Basically it's a trendy drink and kind of snack I guess which originated in Taiwan and quickly spread across Asia through Japan and Korea. This trend has now spread to the UK and USA and Bubbleology have used that to their advantage.

So what are the balls you ask? The pearls also known as Boba are tapioca balls filled with goodness, well the fruit ones anyways. Personally I'm not a fan of the black tapioca it's too squishy for me but I love the popping fruit boba and all the delicious flavours it comes in it's so delicious though the popping sensation might not be for everyone.
 Bubbleology uses a mix of tea bases be that green, white, black, fruit and milk tea... yes milk tea. So depending on what you want you can literally find the perfect tea for you, or even mix like my passion fruit and white peach tea with strawberry boba mmm. The milk teas include flavours like vanilla, mocha or more traditional Asian flavours like Taro and Jasmine. Plus Bubbleology make some crazy amazing specials like Banoffee Pie flavour, I mean what?!
And while the Bubbleology store is inside the Leed's Trinity shopping centre, the event has held at the amazing Cafe 164, just besides the Playhouse. If you haven't been in here before I seriously suggest you try it out because they do the most delicious food, the spread they put on for this event was just too delicious (bye bye diet.) I couldn't help myself when it came to the sourdough bread or the lemon loaf, so delicious! This place is also great if you're wanting to take in some art work as it is connected to The Gallery at Munro House. During the launch the exhibition was Behind The Mask: BAFTA Portraits by Andy Gotts, which I just loved. What goes better with bubble tea and delicious freshly made cakes and bread than looking at beautiful and funny portraits of the acting royalty.

The launch was so fun and now every time I'm in Leeds I just have to have a bubble tea. If you want to try something fun and new then this is the stuff for you, and if your worried about not liking it just ask the staff on hand and they'll find you the perfect blend to ease you into this new 'popping' world. You'll find Bubbleology inside Leeds' Trinity Shopping centre and it's definitely worth the hype!

Have you tried Bubbleology? Do you dare try bubble tea? Are you boba lover too?
Let me know in the comments below.


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