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The Slender Blend Weight Loss Collection from Protein World

It gets to this time of year when we all start to panic. Holidays have been booked and we've got about four weeks to get our Victoria Secret bodies. Now trust me, I've tried every trick to slim down but with uni life it can get a little tricky, hangover dominos is literally the only thing that cures me after a night out. But now that I'm home from Newcastle I'm sticking to my diet, cutting out alcohol (and the fatty hangover foods) and doing exercise as much as humanly possible. But why not help myself a little bit more by using the hugely hyped Slender Blend from Protein World. The Slender Blend is a high protein, low calorie, meal replacement  to help with weight loss. I thought it only right to give it a go and see what the hype was all about.
When your chunky yellow box arrives at your door inside you'll find that the collection includes a 1.2kg jar of The Slender Blend, a 90 capsule jar of Fat Melters, a 90 capsule jar of Multi-Vitamins, a Protein World shaker. Plus a cute hand written note thanking you for your business. I love when companies do this as that it shows a bit more of a personal touch when business write to thank you. Online The Weight Loss Collection is so hugely hyped online, were talking 104 different five star reviews on the collection and 125 five star reviews on The Slender Blend alone, so it must be doing something right for everyone out there. 
While upon The Slender Blend your supposed to change two of your three meals a day with a shake, or protein filled item like a smoothie made using the mixture. Then your remaining meal should be as healthy as possible, sadly this stuff won't work if your only proper meal of the day is pizza.To make your shake you just take four of the yellow spoonfuls of powder and mix with either water or some form of milk. I mix mine with water so it's as low kcal as possible but sometimes if I want a more filling option I'll mix it with an almond milk. Each 40g serving translates to only 150kcal, but packs in a whopping 31g of protein with only 2g of carbohydrate, sugars and fat. No wonder this stuff works. The suggested use for the capsules is within the first week take one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a meal or shake. Then from week two onwards up the dosage to two per morning/afternoon. It's suggested due to the high levels of caffeine in these pills you don't take them after three o'clock or you may have some trouble sleeping. 
The Slender Blend comes in five different flavours: chocolate, banana, strawberry, naked and of course vanilla. If your wondering the naked flavour is well flavourless so it's perfect for adding to smoothies without adding any extra flavours or making it too sweet. On recommendation I opted for vanilla, sweet but simple. I've had The Slender Blend before but didn't really stick to it, opps but since then they've changed and improved the flavour of the vanilla protein. It's now so much fluffier and tastes almost like golden syrup, however I find it a lot less sickly sweet compared to the old vanilla flavour. So if you didn't like the old vanilla, I'd definitely recommend retrying it now. I also know people who have tried the strawberry and say it tastes just like strawberry milkshake flavour. 
Another great thing about this stuff is not only does it make a tasty shake which is quick to make and easy for on the go but you can also use it in other delicious ways to make scrummy smoothies and even treats like cookies and pancakes. Who says dieting needs to be boring? With each order they include a little book full of a range of different recipes to keep things a little more interesting. I just last night made the protein pancakes and they were amazing, going to make them so much more often now!
When I tried The Slender Blend before but didn't really stick to it, I did see results so this time  when I'm going to follow it religiously hopefully I'll be a skinny minnie by the time I get to Miami. I personally think The Slender Blend is a great method of dieting without losing too much tasty treats. I really do find myself not craving sweet things while I'm on it which is great so just got to keep those savoury munchies at bay to shed those extra lbs. I'll update this post with results when I start to see some difference so keep an eye out on here. 

Have you tried The Slender Blend? What's your favourite weight loss aid?
Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Hi :) I'm thinking about getting this but obviously I want to know if it is worth the money etc haha. Have you had good results? X

    1. Hey, I've had such great results! I've lost around a stone since using it and that's with a few cheat days and a week off for a holiday. I highly recommend it! xo.

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  3. There are many reasons why one should take precautions on the use of weight loss pills. These pills do not always adequately replace the vitamins and minerals that you get from eating healthy foods.


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