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Summers Beauty Must Haves

Ah summer, nothing like it. The heat, the swimming, the adventures, the traveling, the food and then theres the make-up sliding off your face, melting in the sun. So summer isn't all too friendly towards all full glam look but when your skin is golden who needs it? In the summer a light coverage, dewy, golden hue make-up just shouts sun kissed goddess. For me there's a few items I definitely couldn't live without during the warmer season, so here it is... my summer beauty must have products. 

Benefit's Sunbeam is literally liquid sunshine in a bottle. High Beam it's less golden counter part is the ultimate liquid highlighter but when you need a tanned, golden glow this stuff is what you need to reach for. It's blends perfectly into make-up as a highlight or wear it alone with just a tan for a gorgeous sun kissed look. I feel like nothing shouts summer beauty like a shimmery, golden glow which this gives plenty of. The liquid consistency means it doesn't feel heavy on your skin in the heat of summer which is ideal, nothing worse than feeling like your face is melting off. The colour is so rich and warm, It's definitely my favourite highlight when I've got a bit of colour on my skin. 
Another highlighter, this time powdered sunshine. When you want a more subtle look, shimmery highlight then Naked Illuminated from Urban Decay in the  colour Luminous is the product for you. The shimmery essence of this product lets your natural colour shine through while adding a little bit more glow and a goddess like glitter to your skin. I love this product as it works perfectly throughout the year as a gorgeous highlight colour, but during the summer I apply liberally and to most of my body to give me that sun kissed look. The colour payoff is something else, it's literally like golden fairy dust all over your skin. Also with it being a powder it's very lightweight which is perfect in the heat. I love applying this to the top of my cheekbones for a healthy, shimmery glow.

I swear by this miracle liquid. Mist and Fix from Make Up Forever is my ultimate setting spray. The lightweight formula creates the ultimate sweat-proof barrier to keep your make-up looking fresh for up to 12 hours even in blistering heat. It's also perfect for the summer as it increases hydration on the skin and stops make-up drying out throughout the day. I think this stuff is magical because you can feel your face sweating but if you have this on nothing even begins to budge, flawless faces all day even in 40˚ degree weather. It just gives you the perfect dewy finish, perfect for that summer glow look and holds your face in place all day long.

I actually hate waterproof mascara with a passion. It makes your lashes feel like straw and makes it impossible to add an top up coat later in the day if your heading out. I've tried so many and just found they either don't work and I look like a giant panda or they work because they turn your lashes to like black sticks of cement. That being said I'm currently loving the waterproof mascara from the PS Beauty range available at Primark. It only costs £2 and it works like a dream. It doesn't make your lashes feel like lead and doesn't leave your with big black eyes after a swim. I'm so obsessed with this and for the price it's outstanding. Plus the electric blue metallic packaging just screams swimming to me.
MAC's Velvet teddy is the ultimate nude lip regardless of the season but when you just want a subtle hint of colour to wear alongside your golden glow this shade is just dreamy. I feel just applying this to a completely fresh face just lifts a natural look to another level. If you only have one shade of lipstick this summer velvet teddy is just perfect, it goes with everything and looks beautiful on. I also love they way the warm undertones of the shade pick up the golden hues in your skin and make-up to really elevate a summer shimmery glow.
With any lip shade, you need the perfect lip liner and for me nothing works better with Velvet Teddy than Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. I love applying this all over as a colour bases and a stand alone colour too. It's very similar to Velvet Teddy but I just adore the creamy texture of it. The lip cheat element is also great because it's the perfect colour for overlining and reshaping your lips to get that perfect pucker to kiss your summer fling. I feel it's the perfect enhancer to any lips and really belongs in every make up bag. This lip liner is the perfect colour to enhance that summer goddess look, it really is pencil perfection. 

Of course this had to make my list, because like everyone in the world I'm obsessed. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade is long lasting brow perfection. I wear the shade soft brown as I love dark brows, always have, always will. My favourite thing about this creamy formula is that it doesn't sweat off in the summer heat, you won't have gappy brows half way through the day. It's also a waterproof product so you can swim and dip and have water fights till your soaking wet and yet still have flawless brows. Which if your like and have very light baby brows, blonde problems, then you'll love being able to have brows constantly no matter the weather or circumstances.

For me these products are my go to items in the summer months. They keep my skin looking dewy and healthy while giving me that goddess, fresh faced look that I think is perfect in the summertime. Some of these products I feel I definitely couldn't live without especially when the temperatures rise and the water is oh so inviting. I know my make-up bag is ready for some sunshine now, so hopefully the British weather deicides to play ball.

What product screams summer to you? What's your summer must have?
Let me know in the comments below.


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