Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Flash Trash

Ever wanted some real sassy arm candy? And I'm not talking about a dating guy with attitude issues. I mean a charm bracelet thats so unique, fun and brings a traditional jewellery stable into the 21st century. I've always wanted a charm bracelet but never found one which leapt out at me and screamed 'buy me now' so I never did. Until I came across the sass that is My Flash Trash, I mean just look so #flashy. 
Set your mind back to series one of MIC and remember Amber Atherton, the original cast member who left the show to pursue her jewellery line? Well girl did good because she gave birth to the sassiest charm bracelets out there. Amber founded the line and has built the company into one of the coolest jewellery companies around. I just love how different and unique the charms are, definitely a step away from the traditional setting of a charm bracelet.  So after finding and falling in love with the brand of course I jumped at the chance to be a brand ambassador for them. I am now officially a member of the #CHARMGANG. So now not only do I get to rock these amazing bracelets but I also get all the gossip on the new goodies they release and in turn spam my Instagram with updates and sassy photos, so keep an eye out.

As a member of the #charmgang I received a little gift card to spend on the bracelets and charms of my choice, eeeeepp but making up my mind wasn't easy, I'll tell you. In the end I opted for the gold charm bracelet, a simple golden bracelet with eleven holes to fill with sass.

Charm wise I couldn't begin to decide which ones to go for, I loved literally every single one but in the end I thought the shark tooth and amethyst quartz were the perfect combination to start off my collection. Though I'll definitely be expanding it soon. When they arrived I thought they were just the most adorable things because for some reason I imagined them as bigger charms so when I saw their miniature size it just thought they were so cute. It was like the reaction you get when you see anything thats meant to be adult size and then its teeny, its instantly amazing (or is this just just a me haha) But seriously the quartz is so pretty with the slight fogging at the bottom of it and the shark tooth is just awesome, especially when it catches the light on your wrist. 

If you want your standard charms then look elsewhere, because these are none here. There are more orthodox charms like your star sign or lucky number but then there's the ones are a little different and so much fun. You want to show you love to pizza and wifi? There's a charm for that. Show your undying love for iced doughnuts? There's a charm for that. Or maybe your all about the dinosaurs,  well don't worry because there's a charm for that. But can we just acknowledge how freakin' cute these charms are, I want them all! Praying the wifi pizza charm becomes avaible in gold, it gives me life.
The charms connect via a spring ring through the holes on the bracelet, so they're super easy to attach and even change if you get a nice little collection going for yourself. I know I want to have loads and interchange them to match my mood or daily sassiness scale. I'm so obsessed with my bracelet, it literally hasn't left my wrist since I received it. I just love the way it sits on my wrist and the charms just hang the perfect length down from it to give it that jingle when you move. Give me more please.
Can we just note that all-natural tan though... thank you 'British summer' a.k.a three days of boiling heat and now back to rain, waaaaah!

I literally can't go on about my new favourite bracelet enough and clearly everyone agrees it's a beaut because I've had so many compliments on it. If you want a statement piece of jewellery that's a little bit different and a whole lot of fun then My Flash Trash is your one-stop shop for all things flashy, trashy and sassy. Spice up your wrist game and become a #charmgang gal. Rock your flashy charms with sass and pride. You wear it and own it.

Have you bought from My Flash Trash? Will you become part of the #CHARMGANG? Do you love their sassy charms?
Let me know in the comments below.



  1. What gorgeous pieces! Love your blog, can't wait to see what's coming next <3

    X Emma |

    1. Oh thank you, I'll be running a My Flash Trash giveaway soon so keep an eye out xo.


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