Monday, 22 June 2015

John Frieda's Beach Blonde collection

For me summer is all about effortless hair that just scream "I've spent all morning at the beach and yet I still look flawless." When your hair is just perfectly tousled you feel so effortless but still look like you've made an effort, it's the perfect look for lazy days too. But sometimes just leaving your hair natural won't do especially when the humidity hits and the frizz decides to make an appearance. That's why when I spied the John Frieda Beach Blonde Collection I knew I just had to try it and see if it would give me the perfect beachy, mermaid hair vibes that I desperately wanted. 
The Beach Blonde range is made up of four different products to help you achieve that tousled look. First you have the Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo to help remove product buildup and reinvigorate the hair, infused with notes of spearmint and citrus. Then theres the Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner, to help nourish dry hair and avoid nasty tangles. Then you have your Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Masque, an intensive conditioning treatment to repair hair to its former glory. And finally your styling product, the Sea Waves Salt Spray to complete that mermaid hair look.
I love the simple packing of this collection, just like your finished look it's effortless. The colours just say summer to mean and evoke the earthy nature and style of the product itself. Now inside the packaging is the most amazing smelling products ever. They're minty and lemony and just smell so delicious. My hair smelt insanely good after I washed it. After using the products I noticed how refreshed my hair felt, it felt in better condition but also revived. I feel like if you used this after being at the beach it'd keep your hair in amazing condition because you know when your on holiday your hair always becomes really dry and limp from the sun, salt water and the chlorine in the pool. This would totally rectify that. I also love the sensation I get when I use the shampoo and conditioners as the spearmint makes my head all tingly, it's so refreshing on your scalp.
The sea salt spray is literally the best product of this type that I've ever used. Firstly it smells of coconut which just makes everything better and more tropical. But the main thing I love about this is that it's not drying on the hair like many salt sprays can be. After using it my hair didn't feel like straw and that's rare when using a salt spray as the salt natural draws out the moisture of the hair, hence why the Kelp Help masque is so great for treating your hair after a dip in the ocean. I just used as directed and sprayed onto towelled dried hair before twisting sections in ropes and then running my fingers through to create loose, irregular waves.
When using these four products together I achieved the perfect beachy look. They just smell incredible and give such a great final look while also restoring and styling your locks. I am completely obsessed with this range and will be using it constantly now that I've discovered the effects it has on my hair. If you're after mermaid style, tousled locks that smell like bliss then the John Frieda Beach Blonde collection is the perfect hair care range for you.

Have you tried the Beach Blonde collection? Will you become beachy? What's your favourite summer hairstyle?
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