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June Wishlist

June Wishlist

If you saw my Swimwear That Suits post you'll have seen how to find the perfect swimwear for your body shape. I'm totally loving stocking up on bikinis right now for my summer holidays and finding the perfect styles to make my body look the best it can when I hit the beach. Being a somewhere between an hourglass and a pyramid means I need suits to highlight my smaller waist so this Lipsy multi strap monokini is perfect. The detailing around the waist will help to show off my hourglass curves, plus it's just too gorgeous. I need it in my life for my Miami trip, ugh. Available here

I can't even start to say how much I love my My Flash Trash bracelet and charms. It's literally the sassiest charm bracelet you'll ever see and I've had so many compliments on it since receiving it. I'm not going to write too much more as I have a full blog post coming soon on these sassy bracelets and charms soon. I just want to collect every charm for mine and switch it up as I please, the beauty of these bracelets. All I ask is they stock the pizza wifi charm in gold, because I feel like that charm is me, in every way possible. Available here

I've heard such raving reviews of this foundation and I'm desperate to try it out. I usually save on foundation and buy drugstore products as I go through foundation too fast to spend any more that I do. That being said I want this so badly, maybe just a foundation for occasions rather than daily wear. I love the luminous properties this foundation has, it gives the skin such a nice glow on the skin which makes you look so healthy and literally glowing. I'm also loving weightless foundations at the moment so another reason I'm desperate to try this stuff out. Available here

I'm not usually one for gladiator sandals but I've been loving these new tie up sandals and heels that are popping up everywhere at the moment. After seeing these ones on the beautiful Sarah Ashcroft, I became obsessed with them. I love the effortless style they give off and how simple they'd be to style. They are a little on the pricey side but I think they're totally worth it, now I just had to find them in my size because they seem to be sold out everywhere. Available here

This has been on my wishlist for as long as I've known about AHB and their contour sets. But with no UK stockist for the Cream palette I was a little stuck and I didn't want to get hit with custom fees when shipping over directly from AHB. But now, finally CultBeauty have the set in, ahhh. I can't work out if I'm a light or medium kit and that's my only issue with buying it online. I guess I could wait till I go to the states to buy it but then again, I want it so badly. This palette is what contouring dreams are made of. Available here

I'm loving bold colours this summer, orange being my personal favourite. Now what's more orange than an orange coloured, orange shaped clutch. It's so cute and sassy and tropical for the summer, it's going to be perfect with some of my outfit I've planned for strutting my stuff down South Beach, Miami. Also love the fact its a wristlet so I'm less likely to lose it because knowing me that would happen, opps. Available here

I'm such a sucker for pretty make-up brushes. I always want to add to my collection and I really don't need to... but then again when it's a brush set this gorgeous how can I not? The brushes are staple brushes that everyone will always need and the colour scheme is just incapable. Zoeva brushes are also known to be so soft and beautiful on the skin which only makes me want them more. Even though I love gold, these rose gold brushes are almost copper like which would fit perfectly with my colour scheme in my room so they'd look perfect on my dressing table. I feel I need them in my life. Available here 

I've finally used up all my musky and spiced Christmas and winter candles, slightly depressing because they are definitely my favourite kind of candles. But for the summer it's nice to have something a little lighter and more fruity. Considering pineapple on of my favourite flavours to eat, no wonder I love a candle which smells exactly like it. If you love disney pineapple dole whip then you'll love this candle because it smells just like it. Mmmm, perfection in a jar. Available here

The entire SkinnyDip London collection kills me, its just sassy perfection. This case is my current favourite though every time I see a new one I change my mind. I just love their quirky designs and this one is no different. I just have to get my hands on this asap, it's so freaking cute. I'm watching you... Available here

I recently stumbled across this little device and I definitely need to invest in one when they are released. It's a ring light for your phone so you always get the perfect selfie. You know when you see people with perfect selfies and think how is their lighting so perfect? Well now you'll never have that issue again. It just slips into you jack port and it's a go. Even better though, the Selflash Plush can store your photos on a memory drive and even charge your phone if you're running low on juice. How amazing is that? Please just take my money! Available here

I'm so obsessed with these shades, I just need them for my holiday so badly. The pattern is perfect and the shape is the ultimate cat eye. They are so sassy but actually wearable on like a daily bases which is perfect. They're just the right mix of crazy and cute. I have a pretty extensive sunglasses collection but then again I don't have any like these, they're just too much. Available here
What's on your June wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below.

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