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Tarte Sweet Deams Coloured Clay Cream Shade Wands

I've never been the sort of girl to go about my life without my make-up on. When I'm at home in the countryside I often let my skin have a day off and will go without make-up but since mid high school I knew make-up was something I really loved. I geniunly love apply my make-up when and I feel a lot more confident when I'm wearing it. It's not that I don't like my face without it, not in the slightest, I just like feeling all dolled up and always have done. Whenever I go 'out out' like shopping into the city centre or going to university I do my make-up. I purposely get up earlier each day to do my face and while many people question how I can find the time or effort to do so every single day for uni, I just do I find it relaxing and actually really enjoy applying it. Plus I think without the signs off sleep deprived uni life would be far too clear. 

I've always been a fan of neutral smokey eye during the day time just to add a little something to my average daily look, but blending and shading shadows can take far too much time in a morning, especially when hitting snooze on the alarm is much more inviting. I've recently been looking for a quick and easy way to create neutral smokey eyes that take half the time. Being a converted Tartelette and hearing rave reviews about their Amazon Clay shadow wands I thought I maybe should try them. I found online this beautiful Tarte Sweet Deams set which feature five different coloured clay cream shade wands. After my recent success and love for Tarte's products I definitely had high hopes for these shadow sticks.

Tarte are such an environmentally friendly brand using natural minerals to make their products and these sticks are no different, they contain the wonder mineral Amazonian clay which Tarte is famous for using. By containing the clay not only do colours glide on easily due to their creamy consistency but they also have amazing stay-put power and literally last all day. They are also water proof so great for the summer by the pool while your on holiday because you'll look flawless both in and out of the water. That being said when trying to remove the products its not difficult when using a make-up remover, they glide off just as easily as they do on meaning theres no tugging or pulling on your lids.

In the set you receive four shimmer shades with a range of different glitter content and one completely matte shade. Together you can create some beautiful looks shading from glitter to matte to create one beautiful neutral smokey eye. The creamy, bendable consistency means they are easiest way to create a fabulous smokey eye and due to the cream consistency there is no shadow fallout when applying meaning you can create a smokey eye in little two seconds without any tidying up of the under eye. Normally the issue with cream shadows is that because your using them straight onto the eye the shadow can be used up very, very quickly however these wands not only contain loads of product but also don't seem to wear down as easily as usual wands, I think that due to the Amazonian Clay inside the product.

The wands come in five different neutral shades; matte slate, radiant bronze, wild orchid, golden brown and burnt copper. The are swatches of the shades below. The colours are just beautiful, such rich shades which have such a lovely soft texture too them. They feel so nourishing due to the creamy consistency when you glide them onto your lids. The payoff of the colours and just gorgeous, the shade selection is sublime. I love the range of different shimmer levels from the matte grey to the slightly shimmer of the orchid, to the pure little of the brown. I love wearing Wild Orchid on my inner and mid lid, blending out into Burnt Copper and Radiant Bronze in the outer corners to create some drama. 

These shade wands are just amazing, definitely a great way to achieve a neutral smokey eye without really trying. You don't have to really know how to create a smokey with these, they just do it for you with their bendable creamy consistency. The colour payoff offers some gorgeous highly pigmented shades which last all day. Definitely a great little set to have. 

Have you tried cream shadows? Whats your favourite Tarte product? Are you a fan of a smokey eye?
Let me know in the comments below.

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