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KIKO Milano Palette Clics

As much as I love a beautiful shadow palettes I always find myself with the same problem, I spend £40 to use only about half of the palette. Then I have a half a platte that I've hit pan on, and half I've barely used but can't bare to throw away when it cost me around my hard earned pennies. Building a custom palette is much more my style, I can selection a range of shadows in colours I actually wear, so basically nudes and neutrals. But you can also mix cool and warm tones plus have a section of both matte and shimmer finishes. Now with all the pros of building a custom palette out of the way, now you reach the con, the price. A custom palette can quickly start to add up, if only there was a cheaper way without sacrificing a great selection of colours and amazing pigmentation... KIKO Milano is here to save the day with their [CLIC] cosmetic palettes and  I just had to try building my own.

I had heard the hype behind KIKO cosmetics palette clics and was desperate to try them. KIKO is an Italian cosmetic company renowned in Europe for both their make-up and skincare selection. In the later months of 2014 they opened their first free standing store outside of London in Leeds and I was desperate to try some of their products out but with my Birthday and Christmas filling my make-up toolkit to the brim with new shadows I thought I needed to wait until I was running low. Now that I've hit pan on my palettes, or on at least half of the shades I thought I'd treat myself to my own custom palette.

KIKO are a great company, not only do they offer a line of professional make-up and skin care treatments but they are all user friendly cosmetics. The products are not tested upon animals nor are the raw materials used within their products, which I think is really great because you know no animal was harmed in the process of making their products. Their 'be what you want to be' vision of beauty is routed in the company and the way they allow custom-made products such as their clic palettes. They offer a variety of colours from all shades of the rainbows to suit all styles, skin tones and types.

KIKO offer a huge range of shade in their Infinity Eyeshadow clic collection. They have 96 shimmer and matte shades plus another 11 glitter meaning they have over 107 shadow colours in total; your bound to find a handful, or several that you love. The consistency of the shadows is very bendable, the colours are highly pigment but can be blended out to a beautiful soft shade or built to a bright, bold eye. I opted for a range of really wearable shades for neutral smokey eyes. 

A great thing is if you can't head to a store online they offer swatches on three different skin types to help you kind of see how the colour will look against your skin tone which I think is a really clever idea. There's nothing worse than picking a colour online and then realising you kind of look like coco the clown with it on. Here's the shades I got, shadow names are correlated anticlockwise.

238 Mat Light Taupe | 254 Golden Cream | 402 Chocolate | 212 Pearly Hazelnut  
 205 Golden Coral | 210 Satin Brick 209 Golden Red
201 Sparkling Silk  |216 Pearly Nutmeg | 256 Metallic Gold 

The [CLICS] system of the palettes allow the shadows to be placed in, clicked and then securely holds them in-place meaning they won't fall out and smash. The shadows can be removed or repositioned whenever you need and its also means when you've finished one colour you can restock that rather than the entire palette which I think I so handy for lighter, highlight shades as they always seem to hit pan the quickest. The palettes come in a range sizes with 1, 3, 4, 9 or 24 compartments inside so you whether you opt for a one for on the go or go big  to continuously add to it your always going to get a completely customized, personal palette. 

The 24 clic system which I opted for costs £15.90 and the shadows come in at £5.90, so not ridiculously cheap but still better than others. MAC's Pro Palette costs £2.50 for the holding insert, and £14 for the case so works out only 60p more expensive but each shadow will set you back £10 which is pretty pricey in comparison. That being said, KIKO love a good discount I managed to pick up my palette for only £6.00 and my shadows cost me only £2.80 each, such a massive bargain! That's one thing that definitely persuaded me to buy a bigger palette as you can keep on adding shadows over a period of time and at the price it was rude not too. 

 I'm absolutely in love with my new palette and I can't wait to carry on building it. The shadows pigmentation is so vibrate and deep it makes the most perfect smokey eyes ever, I love how easily the colours blend and the payoff of the actual shadow colours. I really don't see myself straying from this platte for a long time, especially with it ever changing.

These palettes make a great gift to yourself or to a friend because they are a gift that keep on giving.  And at their currently price both online and in store, all palettes and shadows are on sale, so it's a crime not to invest. So if you're after a palette that's customized to your preferences, contains only colours you love and will actually always use, allows you to refill when you finished a certain shade and offers a great colour payoff then KIKO's INFINITY shadows and [CLIC] system is the one for you.

Have you tried KIKO? What are your favourite shades of shadow? Prefer custom palettes or set ones?
Let me know in the comments below.

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