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DIY Pinterest Vintage Jewellery Stand

Ok so I know I'm not the only one who scrolls through Pintrest and Tumblr looking at dreamy bedrooms and interiors. Oh the white walls, exposed brick,  grey detailing, fur rugs and earthy accents. Ok seriously, why isn't my bedroom like these ones? They're just so pretty, I need. I thought I'd change it up a little and add some pin worthy detailing to my room through crafting. I love making stuff, I always been very artistic and creative and crafting has always been one of my favourite things to do so what better way to start making my room more swoon worthy than that. Now you've probably watched tones of tutorial videos on youtube and found some pins don't actually work in real life, bummer but my first crafty venture sure did. 

I always think that displaying jewellery in a unique way makes it look so pretty, especially when they catch the light. This pin tutorial is a way to make a really beautiful jewellery stand that has a bit more to it that one you'd pick up at the shops. It's super easy to make and the pay off it great, I love mine to pieces especially since it has a really vintage, Urban Outfitters/Free People kind of vibe.  So let's get crafty.

This stand looks very similar to that of a two-tier cake stand, actually you could use it as that but I really think it looks amazing as a vintage inspired jewellery stand. Colour wise I opted for tones which fitted with my room, purple and metallic shades of copper. I love the contrast of the bronze with the purple kind of detailing on the plates which looks very organic, almost like crystal or rock kind of style. Obviously you don't have to make yours look like this, any variation of this design I think would look amazing. Im definitely going to make myself another for my room up in Newcastle with a gold stand and little blue, floral china plates because I think that'll look adorable. 

Anyway time to start getting crafty and show you how to make your own. You'll be able to find these items from anywhere, charity shops or homeware stores in order to make your stand and with a little patience you'll create a really cute way to display your jewellery. If you want to make your own you'll first need to grab the things you're going to need to make one. 

Candle stick
You'll have to find some form of candle stick, I went for this little glass one from Asda Home for £3. I though the shape was really cute for the centre piece of my stand and also glass works well for painting to my desired colour. I'd personally try use either a glass or wooden candlestick as they're the best for painting and attaching to the plates. 

You'll need two plates for the actual jewellery holding section of the stand, a large dinner plate for the bottom and a smaller side plate for the top. You could literally use any types of plates you wanted for this design whether they be brand new or vintage ones. I think this stand would look super cute with some little white vintage plates with a blue floral motif pattern on. I personally used these earthy style plates from Asda Home which were £2.50 and £3.50 as I really liked the colours inside the outer border as it incorporates both flecks of copper, the colour I wanted to paint the candlestick and purple, the colour of my bedroom. 

Depending on what materials your painting you'll need appropriate paints. I opted to paint my candlestick which was glass so needed glass paint for mine. I decided to use copper metallic glass paint as I'm a little obsessed with this colour recently, which I picked up at Hobby Craft for £2.60. You'll also need some form of brush or sponge to apply the paint which you could pick up from any craft store or even the poundshop.

To create the final stand you'll need some form of strong adherence whether that be a hot glue gun or super, super glue or a glass glue like I decided to use. Remember both hot glue and super glue can get a little messy and a little dangerous so use with caution. Don't stick your fingers together like I did as it hurts like hell.

When you've collected what you'll need you can start painting your candle stick. Cover the area where you're going to be working with some newspaper and give your paints a little shake to make sure there's no separation within the paints. The first coat will look very much like a light stained glass and you'll be sat there thinking it's going to take you forever to paint this to a dark enough colour but don't fret it'll cover sooner than you realise. After the first layer of paint allow it to dry for around five minutes before dabbing another layer of paint on top. This will seem gloopy and darker as the colour begins to build. I carried on doing this for about 20 minutes till I got a darker copper colour, but this is completely up to you when to stop this process. I got to a point where the candle stick was covered in paint and starting to become tacky, so I decided to pull my slightly dried paintbrush across the paint giving it a nice grainy effect. I like this effect as I feel it adds some character and ageing to the candlestick to help with that vintage feel thought if you prefer a clean paint coating feel free to skip that bit. I leave it to dry over night.

The next day I deiced to add a second layer of paint to really solidify the colour of the candlestick, you could skip this but I think it really helps the colour pop with a second layer. I painted both the bottom and top of the stick so once dry I could decide which way I wanted it to sit, with the ball at the top or bottom. I kept adding colour till the glass was more or less opaque, knowing it would become more so during the drying process. Then it's time to once again add the grain effect if you want to and the set it aside to dry again overnight. Sadly it's not like on Art Attack where they'd already have one waiting for you, that's completely dry.

Then it's time for the all important joining step. Before you even get the glue out play around a lot with the placement of the stand and where the middle of the plate is because who wants an off centre jewellery stand? Then apply the glue to the highest points of the stick, the raised edge as that would be the only part touching the plate. I did the top place first but upside down to make sure that the stand was central. While holding it in place I then flipped the stand to check it was all kosher and then placed a can of beans on top to weigh it down and secure the bond. Do not skip weighing down the plates otherwise they might not fully bond to the candlestick. After about twenty minutes when I knew it had set I played with attaching the bottom of the stand to the bottom plate and I can easily say trying to work out the middle was tricky. In hindsight I should of used a ruler but I didn't. So grab a ruler and find the centre of the plate, apply glue and stick it down. If you're not happy with the placement you'll have a few seconds to move around the stick and quickly wipe down any residue on the flat before it beings to set. Once your happy with the way it looks, weigh it down with a few heavy cans to help secure the bond. Let this sit for 24 HOURS! Do not skimp on the drying time otherwise things might not be fully secured and break meaning the entire process was a waste. So do not skip drying time.

Once it's all dry give it a little clean, it'll have gathered a bit of dirt during the process from handling it and probably still will have a little glue residue around the outside of the bottom plate lines. Once that's done then your ready to go, simply fill with jewellery. There you have it a really cute Pinterest style vintage jewellery holder, how cute is it?

I sadly haven't got much of my jewellery home with me over the Easter break so it's currently looking a little empty but soon it will be overflowing with trinkets and shiny goodies. I love the combination of colours on the stand and it fits in perfectly with my room. I'm definitely going to be making more of these because it's super cute. It also doesn't just have to be for jewellery, you could literally use it to display cupcakes for a party or I think I might do make one to keep keys and letters on for in the living room.

So in terms of creating a Pinterest DIY that actually works, this one gets a massive thumbs up from me. I love my new little stand and I'm definitely going to get craft crazy to make a few more in a variation of patterns, colours and sizes. It looks so much more expensive that it actually was and has a really cool vibe about it like the homeware you find in Urban Outfitters and Free People. For how simple and easy it was to make I think this was a great quick and easy DIY with a great payoff. Now it's your turn to try... 

Are you going to try this DIY? Do you like this cute vintage style jewellery holder? Are you a Pintrest junkie?
Let me know in the comments below.

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