Tuesday, 21 April 2015

KIKO Milano Palette Clics

As much as I love a beautiful shadow palettes I always find myself with the same problem, I spend £40 to use only about half of the palette. Then I have a half a platte that I've hit pan on, and half I've barely used but can't bare to throw away when it cost me around my hard earned pennies. Building a custom palette is much more my style, I can selection a range of shadows in colours I actually wear, so basically nudes and neutrals. But you can also mix cool and warm tones plus have a section of both matte and shimmer finishes. Now with all the pros of building a custom palette out of the way, now you reach the con, the price. A custom palette can quickly start to add up, if only there was a cheaper way without sacrificing a great selection of colours and amazing pigmentation... KIKO Milano is here to save the day with their [CLIC] cosmetic palettes and  I just had to try building my own.


Friday, 17 April 2015

DIY Pinterest Vintage Jewellery Stand

Ok so I know I'm not the only one who scrolls through Pintrest and Tumblr looking at dreamy bedrooms and interiors. Oh the white walls, exposed brick,  grey detailing, fur rugs and earthy accents. Ok seriously, why isn't my bedroom like these ones? They're just so pretty, I need. I thought I'd change it up a little and add some pin worthy detailing to my room through crafting. I love making stuff, I always been very artistic and creative and crafting has always been one of my favourite things to do so what better way to start making my room more swoon worthy than that. Now you've probably watched tones of tutorial videos on youtube and found some pins don't actually work in real life, bummer but my first crafty venture sure did. 

I always think that displaying jewellery in a unique way makes it look so pretty, especially when they catch the light. This pin tutorial is a way to make a really beautiful jewellery stand that has a bit more to it that one you'd pick up at the shops. It's super easy to make and the pay off it great, I love mine to pieces especially since it has a really vintage, Urban Outfitters/Free People kind of vibe.  So let's get crafty.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tarte Sweet Deams Coloured Clay Cream Shade Wands

I've never been the sort of girl to go about my life without my make-up on. When I'm at home in the countryside I often let my skin have a day off and will go without make-up but since mid high school I knew make-up was something I really loved. I geniunly love apply my make-up when and I feel a lot more confident when I'm wearing it. It's not that I don't like my face without it, not in the slightest, I just like feeling all dolled up and always have done. Whenever I go 'out out' like shopping into the city centre or going to university I do my make-up. I purposely get up earlier each day to do my face and while many people question how I can find the time or effort to do so every single day for uni, I just do I find it relaxing and actually really enjoy applying it. Plus I think without the signs off sleep deprived uni life would be far too clear. 

I've always been a fan of neutral smokey eye during the day time just to add a little something to my average daily look, but blending and shading shadows can take far too much time in a morning, especially when hitting snooze on the alarm is much more inviting. I've recently been looking for a quick and easy way to create neutral smokey eyes that take half the time. Being a converted Tartelette and hearing rave reviews about their Amazon Clay shadow wands I thought I maybe should try them. I found online this beautiful Tarte Sweet Deams set which feature five different coloured clay cream shade wands. After my recent success and love for Tarte's products I definitely had high hopes for these shadow sticks.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Krakow Adventure: Part Two

In the first half of my amazing break to Krakow, which if you haven't stumbled across yet is here, I spoke about my initial venture around the city itself and learning more about the harrowing history of the city that comes from its time during occupation in the second world war. The rest of our trip was more about exploring the beautiful city itself and taking in the relaxed vibe which the city is seeped in. It was also when I got to celebrate my year anniversary with my handsome boyfriend James which made it even more special. We took in the rest of the sights the city had to offer while also finding some hidden gems too. Krakow was such a wonderful city and the most perfect place for a city break. Take me back pretty please.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Krakow Adventure

So it seems me and my James have started a little tradition of buying each other weekend breaks for each others Birthdays, not a bad idea because we both get to enjoy our gifts. It was my time to plan the trip for James 21st birthday and with all of Europe at my fingers I knew I had to find somewhere special. This time we headed more inland than we did in Dubrovnik (you can see my adventures from that trip here and here) and headed to Krakok, Poland. I didn't know what to expect from Poland, all I knew was based on WWII but I had many friends who had told me it was a beautiful city, rich in history and cheap in price. I ended up booking our break in Krakow to overlap with that of our 1st anniversary after having been together a year, thought it was a nice way to celebrate.

We crammed so much into our five days from vodka tasting to seeing all the sights the city had to offer to horse drawn carriage rides and sampling traditional food and of course visiting Auschwitz. After doing all my research about the city and planning our little weekend away I was so excited to explore Krakow and see what this European hotspot for weekend breaks is all about.

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