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The Fat Hippo Underground Newcastle

The legend says beneath the streets of Newcastle hides a Fat Hippo, tucked away underground... Or more like word of mouth about the amazing eats you find right under your feet on Shakespeare Street.   I'm such a massive fan of the Fat Hippo in Jesmond, just out of the city centre but heard The Fat Hippo Underground was just as good, if not better so I thought I definitely had to check it out. Awaited me were my the mouthwatering burgers I have come to expect from the Fat Hippo family. As they say... 'Good food. Messy fingers. Juicy burgers Fat Hippo do the good kind of gluttony'.

Just down from the main shopping area of Newcastle you'll find this treat but you'll have to keep your eye out or you may just miss it. It is a bit of a hidden gem as from the street you'd maybe miss it, well apart from the giant neon glowing hippo above the black door. Down the stairs awaits you the brick clad restaurant with a vintage, rustic sort of feel. Mismatched wooden furniture and mason jar hanging lights fill the two rooms of the restaurant, the main underground archway where the bar stands with its bright neon sign, and the side room which is larger and where we sat.

Then it was time to get down to business, the food. We pondered the menu, it's full of so many delicious treats I literally couldn't make up my mind up. Of course I had a diet coke to sip on while I chose, the glass bottle makes it taste better I swear. We decided to grab some of the JalapeƱo Poppers for starts as a little sharer. So much gooey cheese and spicy which tasted so good when dipped in the sour cream mmm. James then decided to go for a Freddie Kruger chicken burger, filled with chicken fingers smothered in buffalo hot sauce, while I went for the Candy Man, a juicy double patty beef burger with candied bacon, cheese and the most devious pickled jam. I decided I'd stick with the triple cooked fries on the side rather than changing then to sweet potato or the dirty fries for a change. The dirty fries are too good though, covered in bacon and Fat Hippo's very own special sauce mm.

The food at Fat Hippo is always so good and this was no exception. What's also great is you always know you're getting extra fresh food as the beef in grounded in house daily before being made into pattys. They're served slightly pink which is how I like my meat, with a little extra juice and in a brioche bun for a little added flavour. They add the salad on the size so you can leave out those pesky pickles if your not a fan. Don't even start me on those chips, oh lord those babies. Literally if you could perfect a chip it must be by cooking it three times. 

The menu is so extensive at The Fat Hippo with everything from gourmet gastro burgers topped with  parma ham, rocket and pesto mayo to pork burgers and a great selection for veggies too. The sides and starter are also pretty good, those dirty fries and the chilli cheese nachos. Apparently their dirt shakes also pack a punch, so you know I'll be back for a few of them sometime soon. Basically this place knows what good food is and knows that isn't forgiving on your waistline. But if your going to be naughty and pig out, this grub is definitely worth it.

Fat Hippo Underground is a relaxed kind of joint where the food is the star, it doesn't need a crazy fancy interior or pretentious food. They're all about good grub which is messy but delicious. Calling all burger lovers, The Fat Hippo Underground is definitely worth checking out if your in Newcastle. Now pass me a napkin and seconds please.

Have you tried the Fat Hippo Underground? Whats your favourite kind of burger? Are you a burger lover?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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