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Tapa Edinburgh

Last month I was surprised with a lovely weekend break for Valentines day where we ventured over the Scottish border to the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I wrote a full blog post about all the exciting things we got up to while there such as going to the castle and the zoo which you can read all about here. On our first night we wanted to try eat somewhere a little different and upon some research through Trip Advisor and Buzzfeed we heard about a lovely authentic Tapas restaurant just a few minutes out of the heart of the city. 

So a reservation was made and off we went with our stomaches empty and mouths watering. Now I'm a massive tapas fan so I really was looking forward to this feast. Give me all the garlic coated seafood and spicy patatas bravas one could possibly consume and I could still leave hungry. One of my favourites things about Mediterranean holidays is eating their cuisine, everything is so fresh and tasty with flavours of citrus, garlic and spices. I clearly was ready for some tapas. We arrived at Tapa, hoping the reviews hadn't built this place up too much... but they didn't even come close.

Tucked inside a stone archway lies the door to a restaurant that really transports you to the heart of the Med. As soon as you enter you're welcome by the smell of delicious food and a loud, chatty and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant itself was beautiful filled with fairy lights to set the romantic mood and Spanish artwork and movie posters. An iron cast bullhead that hangs over the large doors and a huge authentic looking wine rack makes a statement upon the back wall. The restaurant is sruprising large with a second dining room off in the back of the restaurant, lead through a lantern lit hallway. 

Our coats were taken as we were shown to our table, we were handed the menu and then the tricky part came. Literally there was so much yummy food to offer I couldn't even begin to decide what to eat so we ordered some drinks to help the deciding process along. James opted from a Estrella Damm, a beer from Barcelona while I had a large glass of the Artazuri, a rose from Navarra. I need to get my hand on a bottle of this wine because it was the best rose I've had in forever, so sweet but also perfectly dry. I love how all the wines and beers are traditional drinks imported from different regions of Spain, it gives the restaurant a very authentic feel. While we were sipping away on our Spanish drinks we continued to try and decide what to order. I literally could of had one of everything, there was just so much yummy food that I could of happily tucked into. We asked about the portion size as every tapas restaurant differs, our waitress said their portions were larger than most so maybe only go for about 3 dishes each. One of my favourite things about Tapas is the sharing quality, being able to try so many different dishes and then share them throughout the table. Finally we decided and waited with antiquation and rumbling tummies.

One by one the dishes arrived to our table and it look just so good. We opted to go for three dishes each and one to share, even though I definitely tried every single dish we ordered. James ordered the Costillas, they were the juiciest back back ribs baked in beer then glazed and finished on the char-grill served with a spicy paprika salsa, they literally just dropped off the bone. Followed by the Pollo Adobado, garlic and paprika marinated chicken breast fried until crips which was served with a cup of the most perfect alioli that ever did exist. His third dish was the Chaqueta de Pimiento, a roasted pepper stuffed with spinach, garlic, pine nuts all topped off with cheese and bread crumb crust, mmm. I went for my favourites tapas dishes, which I personally think no Spanish meal is complete without. For me it was always going to be the Calamares Fritos, crispy fried squid rings with that yummy whipped alioli dipping sauce, I could have eaten my weight in these. Followed by the Gambas al Pil Pil which were the yummiest tiger prawns pan seared with cayenne peppers, garlic and olive oil. Then for my little less seafood taste buds the Patatas Bravas, classic cubed potatoes in a traditional spicy tomato salsa. We then shared the Berenjenas con Miel, our waitress and online reviews raved about these little aubergine crips drizzled with honey and I see why they are Tapa's most popular dish!

The food was just so delicious, I wanted to try more off menu because it just all sounded so good and the quality was amazing. The waitress was right, three dishes each was perfect for us as their portion sizes are larger than usual tapas restaurants, though the shared seventh dish wasn't left but we were pretty hungry. The food was so tasty and fresh while staying very true and authentic to traditional tapas. I can't rave enough about how yummy it all was, just writing this post is making me crave it so badly.

But thank goodness I had left a little room for dessert. I opened the menu and let out a little scream. The most authentic and perfect Spanish dessert that there ever was... Churros con Chocolate. I'm such a massive Churros fan. I remember being young and sitting on the beach front promenade in Salou and Cambrils eating freshly made Churros with bubbling chocolate dipping sauce so it's a very nostalgic dessert for me that transports me instantly to the golden coast of the Costa Dorada.  Apparently the portion was for two but I'm pretty sure I ate about 90% of it, opps. It came on a little slate board with the Tapa logo dusted upon it in icing sugar; a stack of hot, sugar coated pastries with a little jar of molten hot chocolate dipping sauce. Mmm, I died and went to heaven when eating this, it was just oh so good.

We left stuffed to the bone but full of amazing food. Clearly I was a massive fan of my dinner at Tapa Edinburgh. I really do suggest if your in the area and love Tapas, sharing yummy food and a good abidance in a restaurant you should check this place out. The staff were so helpful and attentive, suggesting the best dishes which really help us finally chose our eight dishes. I might just go hop on a train back to Edinburgh right now because this post has made me crave this dinner all over again. If you're heading out to the Med this summer definitely go here to get you all excited, or if you're not but just miss the yummy food then Tapa have you covered. I really cannot say more about how much we enjoyed our food here and our night, Tapa is a great little find and offers such a authentic Spanish meal that will transport you right back to your summer holidays in Spain.

Do you love Tapas? Have you been to Tapa? What's your favourite type of cuisine?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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