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February Favourites

Looking back February can be such a horrid month with wet weather and still feeling the pinch that the festive period has taken on your bank balance. But March is finally here and spring seems to be in sight, hurrayIn times like these when the days are grey I feel treating yourself to a few little bits and bobs is always a necessity. As is giving your make-up a spring clean, and then replacing with lots of new and exciting products. All my February favourites are beauty products so clearly I've been enjoying spicing up my collection with a few new buys which definitely will become repurchases asap. So now March is here we can look forward to blossoming flowers and sunny, longer days hurray and I can look back on my favourites and say maybe February wasn't so bad after all... cosmetic wise that is.

There was so many products that I have been loving this month so picking just my favourites was definitely no easy task. I managed to narrow it down to my top six which still is a fair few but considering how much I treated myself to beat the February blues its an acceptable amount. Looking back these products were the ones that definitely impressed me most.

Laura Geller Spackle Supercharged Fortified Under Make-up Primer
I think every beauty blogger out there has become a slave to Laura Geller Spackle primers. This award winning primer help create a flawless look for my make-up to sit upon and makes application a breeze. It also gives any make-up that long lasting power that you need to get through the cold and windy February days. The Supercharged version embodies soothing botanicals to help promote skin elasticity and give you youthful look, even in years to come (who says you can't start delaying the ageing process early.) I adore this primer so much that it may plush the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which I swear by off my top spot. I've had so many compliments on my skin while wearing this. It's literally the best primer I've tried in forever.

Benefit Roller Lash
This was a last minute contender for my favourites as I literally received it at the end of the month but I loved it so much I knew it had to make the list. This mascara makes my eyes pop, it gives me curl and volume while opening my eyes. The wand within is something really special with its hooking techniques and the packaging is just too cute. Can we just talk about how cute that roller for the wand handle is, I just can't stop loving. For more reasons why I love this mascara you'll just have to check out my full review of Roller Lash here.

Tarte Sweet Dreams Coloured Clay Cream Shade Wands
Tarte is becoming one of my favourite brands, fair to say I’m a converted Tartlelette now. I’ve been using these clay cream shade wands for a while now and the colours are just perfection. I’ve never been one for cream colour but these have certainly made me stray from my Naked pallets so that is something monumental in itself. The texture is so creamy and soft, they blend like a dream but also stay put all day long. Guess that’s the amazonian clay at work. I have a full review coming up soon on these little sticks so be sure to keep an eye out.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne
Jo Malone scents make me a little week at the knees, they're so yummy. After both my Sister and Mother had been wearing this and raving about how good it was, I thought it was finally time I gave it a try. I'm sooo happy I did. At first its fruity with notes of raspberry, watermelon and of course pomegranate but then it settles into a spicy and more musky fragrance. Think kind of like a mulled wine, its fruity but spicy. It's so intense as a scent and I absolutely love it, plus the smell lasts for hours but without smelling stale later on. I  included this fragrance as a candle into my Mothers Day Gift Guide because it just smells so good, check it out here

Primark P.S. Love Your Hair Volumising
Wow, Primark have really stepped up their game with their new P.S. range this spring. I can't rave enough about this volumising spray. First off it smells amazing and makes my hair smell incredibly fresh and yummy. It really does work and it's just so cheap too, think I bought this for around £2 which is such a bargain. I definitely have to try the rest of the range because if this is any reflection of that then it's something really special. I always have loved Primark's beauty range, the face wipes and eyelashes are better than most of the more expensive ones on the high street but now this, I need to try the volumising shampoo and conditioners right now!

Eyelur Pro-Brow Dybrow Dye Kit
Being a natural blonde means all my body hair is light including that of my brows. Clearly I'm a huge fan of a statement brow but when I go make-up free that clearly isn't the case. For as long as I can remember I've had my brows tinted and I have even had them done by HD Brows but no more. Eyelur's Pro-Brow Dye Kit gives me bold brows without a hefty price tag. Plus as soon as they start to fade I can top them straight up as this stuff lasts forever! It's so easy to use and take literally no time and there you have it perfect brows. Now I no longer look hairless when I can be bothered to do my brows, hurray.

So there we have it, my February Favourites and now that March is here it's all about bring in those summery coral colours and brighter shades to welcome some much needed warmer weather. I wonder what I'll find this month that'll surprise me like these products did. 

What was your favourite new product? Are you happy to see the end of February? Are you excited for spring?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. i heard no end of bad reviews about benefit roller lash and it's now my new favourite mascara, I'm glad someone loves it as must as me!


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