Thursday, 26 February 2015

Face Mapping Breakouts

So I'm currently pretty sick so hence the lack of my own face within this post, my cute little face chart will have to do for today. Being sick is currently taking it's tole on my skin, I'm sure you all know how it is. Breakouts are the absolute worst. We all know how it goes... you'll have flawless skin on lazy days when your doing nothing but the second you make any sort of plans, BOOM! Volcanos and creators covering your entire face. And even when you try stay on top on them with your meticulous skincare routine, a bad breakout can ruin anybody's day. I know I always find myself questioning exactly why my skin is playing havoc all of a sudden, maybe diet or stress? But I've learn't there could be many reasons behind these pesky little (or not so little) spots.  

Not all spots are created equal. The placing of spots upon your face can have a huge correlation to the reasons behind your breakouts. So hopefully this little handy face mapping guide will help you to understand just why and what your doing wrong to cause break outs. Face Mapping might just save your day, and your sanity when it comes to your skin.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Edinburgh Adventure

Love has be in the air recently with Valentines day and all, and my boyfriend decided that wad the perfect time for a little weekend get away to Edinburgh. We've been talking about visiting the city for a while now and having a little trip the zoo to see the pandas, I just love all things bear related you see. So he was amazing enough to surprise me with this little weekend city break. Being the detective that I am I sussed his little surprise, he was asking what time we could drive up... there's not many places up of Newcastle to be honest, but it didn't ruin it in fact I think I made it that much better because I was able to get all excited for our little trip. 

I've never been to Edinburgh or Scotland for that matter, apart from one quick flight  to train change over so I didn't really get to see the city. I don't know why I've never been, seems odd especially now I'm in Newcastle and you can grab train tickets for next to nothing. This made me even more excited for the weekend ahead. On Thursday night James finally gave me a little outline of what he'd planned for us and managed to included lots of my favourite things from yummy food at Five Guys and Ben's Cookies to sight seeing at the castle. Fair to say I was very excited for our little trip to Edinburgh.


Monday, 9 February 2015

Swimwear that Suits

It's that time of year when were all starting to look towards the summer. Booking in holidays, eating clean, drinking gallons of green tea and  working hard on that all important summer body.  While everyone wants to look their best in their swimsuit and will push their body to the extremes to get there, dressing your figure right will help you look like the total beach babe you want to be.  Here's some little tips when bikini shopping to consider which will help you look  your best when strutting your stuff whether your pool side in an exotic foreign country or braving the British waves on Scarborough beach. 

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