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Under the tree; what I got for Christmas

While I've been a little silent over the last few weeks, with deadlines and then the madness of Christmas I've been a little less active than I was hoping to be over the break but deadlines and family time took over.  I thought it would be a perfect time to do a  what I got for Christmas post so you know what to expect will be coming up on the blog soon (lots of makeup reviews trust me.) This post is no way me bragging about what or how much I got for Christmas, just a little post for me to thank my amazing family and recognise how lucky I am. Just a quick thank you to everyone who spoiled me this festive season from my Mother, Sister, Boyfriend and his family.  I hope everyone out there had a lovely Christmas and got all their presents from Santa Claus. Though I'm certainly feeling the holiday spirit on my waist line I can't help but love this time of year, especially getting lots of amazing gifts under the tree. I'm definitely on the nice list this year.

So hidden in my sack and stockings, both handmade by my amazing mummy were lot's of amazing little and large gifts. I felt so privileged, Santa Claus was too good to me. I must of been on the nice list this year.

The original beauty blender
I have been after one of these magic makeup tools for as long as I can remember. Everytime I'm in Sephora across the pond I either always forget to grab one or they're sold out. I'm so happy to finally have one, my makeup is so flawless and HD ready now. Best applicator ever! 

Naked Illuminated in Luminous
What happens when Naked by Urban Decay and a highlighter combine together in one product? Well I have to have it, that's what. This is the most glitery highlighter you'll ever see and yet magically don't end up looking like some sort of fairy. Can't wait to use this on holiday to enhance my tan, I'll literally be glowing.

Real Techniques expert face brush
I've been wanted to add this brush to my Real Techniques collection for so long and now I have an even better makeup application. This brush so so so handy for building coverage and the perfect blending tool for contouring. 

Topshop Glowstick in Play up
Talk about an affordable, high street product that truly delivers. I love this product so much, so fab for daily contouring when I don't have time to fully blend a liquid one like High Beam. I think this product is being discountinued so I need to make this last, ugh.  

Tarte Gifted amazonian clay smart mascara
I'm so excited to properly try and review this. My Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from Tarte is my ultimate mascara, which I could never not have again (check out the review I posted on it here) so I definitely have high expectations for this. But then again it's Tarte so I really doubt I'll be disappointed. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in soft brown
Oh my god, ok so everyone who has ever known me will know how important eyebrows are in my world. Like literally my brows can set me back an hour when getting ready if I'm having a major dilemma. But never will that happen again. This is the stuff of miracles, I literally can't stress enough how perfect this Dipbrow Pomade is.  Don't worry a full review will be coming soon though. 

Sleek face form contour and blush palette
More highlighter? But this time with bronze and blush, can you say dreamy. Sleek is a company I personally love, such great products at such great hughstreet prices. I’m extremely excited to check this out and see what it can do.

Mac matte lipstick in Velvet Teddy
Ok so if you've seen any of my wish list posts then you know I've been wanting for this for a long time. It's the most beautiful colour and literally has made me love wearing lipstick on a daily bases again. I always feel because I go so all out on my daily look that lipstick is the only thing the varies between my day and night look. But this colour changes everything. Subtle enough to be there but not overly bright that I look too vampy for daylight hours. I understand why the Kardashians and every other girl on the planet loves this shade.

Bleach London semi-perminant dye in Rosé
So my hair is completely, naturally blonde and anytime I think of putting any colour on it I majorly panic that I'd lose my colour, so much so I've never dyed my hair out of fear of this. Literally not even highlights. The only time I've ever applied any colour was during my last year of high school, 2010 when I use to dip-dye my hair, I had turquoise tips before Kylie Jenner just saying. I used to dye it red, purple, pink and green so literally a little bit of everything. I only used Directions hair dye but it would literally wash out after a few days (apart from the turquoise which lasted for months.) I've heard such amazing things about Bleach London so always knew if I ever dyed my hair again I'd 100% use them and this way, I can test the colour ooo. 

Coca Cola vintage bauble and a Coca Cold vintage straw dispenser
How cute are these? I'm totally a diet coke addict so opening a vintage straw dispenser was ace and this bauble is just the ultimate christmas decoration. I always think coke tastes better through a straw and now I'll never have to hunt for one again. But my favourite thing is the bauble I mean just look how cute it is. The coca-cola advert is how you know its christmas so seeing the jolly bauble on my tree each year from now on will always make me smile. 

Freedom Topshop statement necklace
I'm such a sucker for statement necklaces and this one is just too perfect. White, gold, blue, blue and neon... all I can say if yes! I love the bright pop of colour against the monochrome, it just stands out so well. Can't wait to wear this with a turtleneck and knee high boots, perfect winter outfit!

Mariah Carey for OPI mini nail lacquers
Sparkly nails just scream the festive season. OPI is still my favourite nail varnishthe colours and just spot on and the consistency just spreads so easily. Plus the celebrity collaborations are just fabulous. I mean a holiday collection by Mariah seems spot on.

Lush Products
Lush's christmas products are the most perfect stocking stuffers. I'm such a bath person so I love all Lush products and I got so many little bits and bobs so I'm going to be smelling amazing. Santa's scrub makes an appearance every year, just smells so good and just like cherry cola mmm. Snowman snow for bath time fun. Northern Lights, Cinders and Butterbear bath bombs for some fizz and sparkle. A Holly Go Lightly bubble bar because what's a bath without bubbles? I even got a few lumps of yog nog too which smells good enough to eat. 

Winter Spice handmade vegetable soap
I also got this really cute handmade soap, it smells so spicy and yummy and is literally so good on the skin. 100% natural and oh so good! Plus how cute is this packaging, I don't want to open it because it's just too good.

Milka Happy Cows bar, Guylian seashells and Chocolate coins
What's Christmas without a little chocolate and nothing screams the festive season like some chocolate coins ooo. Milka bars are what my Dad used to bring home from european business trips so they have a special place in my heart. Plus what's not to love about milk and white chocolate in a single bar? And my favourites, Guylian Seashells! A staple under the tree each year in my family. We also got a huge share box of Seashells too plus some of Hotel Chocolate's festive selections, the eaton mess ones were to die for.

Polar bear hot water bottle
I've been after a new water bottle for absolutely ages and I couldn't find one I liked anywhere. I needed one so badly for my house up at uni, it gets so cold in Newcastle. How cute is this bottle though? Bears are my favourite animals and nothing says winter like cute little polar bears, aw. It's so fluffy and warm, I just love it.

Sally Hansen nail growth Miracle
This is literally a God send. I have for so long tried to grow my nails with numerous products and nothing has ever worked. I naturally have such small nails and as soon as I get any length they just bend and snap off, ows. Then I ruined my nails with false ones while in my first year at university and have been trying for about half a year to get them back into good shape. I spent about 4 months just having to do nothing with them for them to heal, the skin was all ripped and my nail beds were in pieces. But finally I can use products on them again and now since using this I have actually seen an improvement in such a little space of time too. The best thing is this stuff makes my nails rock solid so once I get some length they don't break, hallelujah.

Halo2Cloud power portable charger
Finally Santa replaced my Halo charger, I literally can't stress how amazing this little device is. I accidentally broke my old one that lasted me about two years and I was so upset, couldn't find anything that compared to it. It's just a portable charger but unlike rubbish ones you can grab for a few pounds this one really works. I usually get two full rechargers on my phone per charge of the device. It actually holds power and gives your phone a second, and third life. It fits all phone types and even acts as a flashlight. Plus how funky is the pattern. 

Nip+Fab Upper arm fix
So I know this isn't going to help my flabby arms but it does make me feel confident with them which is great for nights out. A little bit of this, a tingle and I feel my arms just are tighter so I don't have to panic as much on nights out. I don't know if this stuff actually works or is just a placebo but for me it seems to do something so I can't complain. 

Bronnley England honey blossom bubble set
This smells so divine, I love honey blossom so much that I just can't wait to use this stuff. And how lovely is the little tin it comes within,  I'm going to store some little bits and piece inside here once I've used up the products because I can't part with this tin. It's just too cute. 

Champagnes Spa Indulgence exotic retreat collection
I'm a huge Champagnes fan so this is a great little set for me, definitely seeing a pamper day in my future. It's just so indulgent and relaxing when you use it I can't wait to treat myself to a spa night using these products.

Sanctuary gift sets
More bath goodies, clearly everyone knows I love my bubble baths. Some lovely Sanctuary spa treats which is great because it's one of my favourite brands for luxury bath products. This little bag and tin are full of loofas, body scrubs, washes and lotions. My skin is in a for a real treat. 

Michael Kors black logo wristlet
This little MK wristlet is just so small and cute. It's perfect for a little bag for whilst on holidays to take out on shopping trips or dinners. This with a little white sun dress, black sandals and a tan is just the perfect evening outfit for summer holidays so I can't wait to use this then.

Lush's Joy to the World boxset 
This little box is full of even more Lush goodness. Their joy to the world box came with Dream Cream hand and body lotion, and their Snowcake Soap. The soap smells just like almonds and screams christmas so I just love it. Plus the dream cream is just good for my hands which are taking a beating from the winter winds.

Boux Avenue's Zsa Zsa animal onesie 
How adorable is this little onesie, I just can't cope. I love that it's feet free so my tootsies don't get too hot because that is a huge pet peeve of mine. I could snuggle in this for days on end plus it'll make essay writing days much cosier.  It's so fluffy and warm too, I never want to take it off. 

Michael Kors ring and bracelet
This lovely MK jewellery is just too perfect. The ring is just so sparkly and looks amazing on my little fingers for a bit of jazzy jewellery. The perfect piece to wear for nights out and special occasions. Plus this bracelet which is just wow. I've barely taken it off my wrist. Gold with blue gemstones to match my eyes, how amazing. Simple but beautiful. 

Viktor & Rolf BonBon eau de parfum
I have been lusting this perfume since I fist smelt in duty free when it first came out. I'm a massive Viktor & Rolf fan, flower bomb is a classic favourite of mine but Bon Bon is just something else. It's sweet but settles to a musky hint of spice. It's just so yummy. The caramel notes make it good enough to eat but it's not over powering as it settles to a soft but lasting floral scent. And the bottle is just too adorable.

River Island houndstooth coat
This coat I saw literally about three days before Christmas so I thought the chances of it being under the tree were slim to none but amazingly there it was. I just adore this coat. Houndstooth of beige, black, mustard and burgundy is just perfect. And then this fur trim that's detachable ugh, so perfect. I just love the oversized boyfriend coat so much and this is just perfect.

Michael Kors large Sutton in Black
My big present was my amazing new Sutton handbag, it's just so perfect. I've lived out of my mandarin JetSet bag since I bought it in the summer and have been dying for a smart black bag to alternate between. Sutton is just the most perfect bag with it's unique shape, three separate pockets and the perfect size on a whole. I just adore my bag so much.

I was spoilt rotten this Christmas, I really didn't deserve how amazing my loved ones were to me. I'm so thank full for all I received but more so I'm thankful for being able to spend times with my loved ones and take time to remember those not with us now. While Christmas is about who's around the tree not underneath it all these gifts were such a fabulous bonus to my festive cheer. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Years. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts featuring all these products and more soon. Is it bad I'm already looking forward to next Christmas? It is the most wonderful time of year after all.

What was under your tree? Did you have a lovely Christmas? What's your favourite festive tradition.
Let me know in the comments below. 

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