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Real Techniques brush collection and review

Real Techniques have taken the brush market by storm. I mean whats not to love about cruelty free products, which go beyond the product description all for affordable prices. All that while making your make-up application completely flawless, no wonder everyone loves them. Designed by beauty gurus Sam and Nic Champan, these brushes managed to fill a huge gap in the market where product meets price. Before Real Techniques the only option for quality make-up brushes was to purchase them from MAC or Bobbi Brown, which for a standard brush to be used on a daily bases were expensive, but now Real Techniques have made brushes assessable to everyone through a range of simple, price conscious products that are perfect for everyone to skilled make-up artists to your average girl to use. So what brushes do I have in my collection and what do I really think of them? Keep reading and find out.

Real Techniques brushes are made from taklon bristles, which are so soft and plus upon the skin. They allow for perfect application of make-up whether you doing your standard daily make-up or a more adventurous look for a special event. The colours of the brushes relate to the uses of them, the purple brushes are for enhanced looks and relate to eye brushes however my collection includes just the gold and pink brushes at the moment. The gold brushes are got your base while the pink represents finishing touches to perfect your look.

Real Techniques' powder brush
Using a loose translucent powder is vital to keep make-up in place and this is litarly the most perfect brush for this application. It's so big and plush, I absolutely love it. I couldn't apply my powder with anything else. It helps buff the powder nicely onto my skin to set my make-up and also easily blends colour down onto my neck to hide any nasty tidelines.

Real Techniques' expert face brush
This is my newest brush in my collection but so far I'm loving it. For my daily make-up this helps  me speed up the process of applying my foundation while giving me a flawless, HD ready base. It's also super easy to build coverage with this brush which is great because I'm a medium to heavy coverage fan. I use this with a Maybelline FIT ME liquid foundation and it applies like a dream. Definitely one of my favourite brushes for Real Techniques.

Real Techniques' blush brush
So while this is meant to be a blush brush I don't use it as so because for me it's just too big as a blusher brush, I only use a very small bit of blusher on the apples of my cheeks so a smaller brush does a better job for me. However I do use this for my bronzer and contouring and I find that is where it truly thrives. I apply bronzer to my forehead and temples with this brush in order to slim my face as well as the jawline. I also use it to apply some colour to my neck, collar bones and chest as this big plus brush is perfect for apply colour to a larger area. 

Real Techniques' stippling brush
This is my favourite looking brush, It reminds me of a little porcupine because it looks spiky but it's far from it, it's so soft. This is such a great brush for buffing make-up into the skin and creating a flawless finished. I've tried this brush for numerous different applications from setting with powder to applying foundation but the thing I find it best for is blending my Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter. I apply the highlight with the brush inside the product, then blend outwards with this brush to achieve the perfect glowing look. 

Real Techniques' kabuki brush
This little brush, wow. Just wow. If anyone asked me what is one of the most important make-up tools in my arsenal is I'd have to say this Kabuki brush without a doubt. I don't understand why this brush isn't more readily available because it is the perfect brush. It features a magnetic hold which then allows the brush to be opened up flat and by doing so allowing the perfect tool to apply bronzer into the hollow of the cheek bones for contouring. Then close it back up and blend out with the full kabuki, how genius. Before I properly started to contour I used this brush to bronze out my cheek bones but now I know how to use this most effectively I now have a killed contour and it wouldn't be possible without this little brush. I couldn't live without it.

Real Techniques' Core Collection pointed foundation brush
This is a great standard foundation brush. I used to apply my make-up with this every single day, it does the job its supposed to and aids application. I much prefer the expert face brush that I'm now using for foundation application but I find this still really helpful for applying my concealer. I do also have a small detailing brush from the core collection (which I couldn't find for this post, ows) which is for applying concealer etc but I actually use that as a lipstick brush. Clearly I don't like to follow the rules with these brushes. But whether you're using this for small details or full face application, it is a great standard brush especially if your transitioning from fingers/sponge application to brushes.

Real Techniques' Core Collection contour brush
Another bronzer brush, clearly bronzer is important to my make-up routine. This brush is great for smaller areas when contouring like the sides of my nose, my chin and jawline plus areas like the hairline. I also use it to apply a bit of colour just under the brows so when I apply white shadow to open my eyes it's not so stark white. It's a great little brush for detailing when it comes to using products like bronzer.

Real Techniques' Core Collection buffing brush
Without this brush I'd be a streaky mess as once I've applied my bronzer my tribal warpaint is in full force. Contouring is all about the blending and this brush does the job oh so well. I buff the product outwards and upwards in order for my bronzer and contouring to seem more natural and flawless. Definitely a great little brush for achieving a seamless look. Definitely worth buying the Core Collection Kit for this brush I'd say, especially if your using powder products for contouring.

Ok so what's my overall opinion of Real Techniques brushes? If you couldn't tell I absolutely love them. Without them my make-up game would definitely be lacking right now. Using them has not only helped my make-up application become better overall but they have also actually helped my skin.  I always used to think using my fingers was the best way to apply makeup as I was told the natural heat of my finger tips helped to blend the foundation into my skin. However it was intact making my skin worse by putting bacteria onto my face from my fingers and then this being trapped in my pours throughout the day due to my make-up. Using the brushes has meant my skin has actually cleared up and I'm now breaking out less. But with that being said bacteria is still an issue with brushes that's why it is vital to wash your brushes regularly, plus it helps maintain the brushes for a longer period of time. 

I'd 100% recommend everyone invest in some Real Techniques brushes because they really will change the way in which you apply your make-up, they did for me.  I really need to treat myself to  some of the eyeshadow brushes and the bold metals collection because they're just too awe worthy. 

What do you use to apply your make-up? Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes? What's your favourite Real Techniques brush?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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