Friday, 16 January 2015

Five Guys Leeds

Just outside of Leeds City Centre hides a real treat from across the pond. Kirkstall's Cardigan Fields has now become the new home for the delicious Five Guys burgers and fries. A place where real quality food meets speed and that all american diner kind of feel. I've always tried to find Five Guys in the states but without a car they're harder to track down so once the Leeds store opened I knew I just had to go and try one of their famous burgers and fries.  I finally see what all the fuss is about. So whether you want the best burger you’ve had in forever, hot dogs, peanuts or just every soda flavour you could possibly ever think of really look no further. This place really does offer up heaven in a brown paper bag.

From outside the place literally looks like a typical american diner/fast food joint with big, bold neon lighting in red and white. It's loud and just what you expect. The inside is no different with it's exposed ceiling and repurposed wooden furniture mixed with it's signature red and white tiling and detailing. Sacks of potatoes stacked in the doorway just like in an old fashioned diner with all their reviews cladding the white walls. The place is so fun and yet so simple at the same time.

Me and my Mum headed into Five Guys after a trip to the cinema, before the film it was packed, with a queue out of the door. Luckily at ten o'clock when our film let out it was slightly quieter so we were actually able to get a table and fully enjoy our Five Guys experience, hurray. There's just one long counter in front of the exposed kitchen and once we got to the order here sign we did just that. I opted for the cheeseburger, a two patty burger inside a sweet sesame seeded bun. What I love about Five Guys is the way you can really customise your own burger for no extra price, all your toppings are included so you can really go all out. I loaded mine with lettuce, grilled onions, green peppers, tomato, relish and mayo so basically all my yummy favourites. If you, like my Mum did, ask for you burger 'all the way' they will add all the toppings from the board that are in black giving you a real hearty burger. Of course we had to try some of their famous fries too, and I can totally understand why they are reviewed so highly by everyone. We picked the five guys style fries but I'll definitely be back for the cajun ones soon. We grabbed our tray of complimentarty peanuts and headed to a free booth. 

There's our delicious burgers and fries being made in the open kitchen

While we waited for our food we nibbled on the yummy complimentary roasted peanuts until out order was called.  I ran so fast when our little brown bag was read for us. But before I could tuck in it was time for my Coca Cola freestyle, oh yes! I’ve had these many times while in the USA from Walgreens and literally these machines are pure genius. I need one in my house. Basically you put your cup under the spout as you do with any drinks machine, the select your product with everything from regular coke to powerade and every diet/zero product in between. Then you add your flavouring and this is where the magic happens. I opted for raspberry diet coke the first time, and then lime diet coke when I enjoyed my free refills. 

Then it was time to eat. Wow, just wow. This is really was the best burger I've had in forever, plus at such speed too. I will never eat any other fast food burger again. The bun was sweeten than usual and not soggy in the slightest. The patties were tender and juicy and all my toppings were fresh are crips. It was just so good. I flipped my burger so it didn't fall apart (the bun lid is bigger so you don't have the classic overspill issue) and ate it so quickly, I just couldn't help myself. Me and my Mum shared a portion of fries and it was more than enough considering I had the full cup full and mum had about the same again the in the bottom of the bag. I definitely could have eaten my weight in them fries, they were amazing and so crispy, mmm. I washed that all down with my free refills so I really was a happy and very full girl by the end of this meal.

I literally can not stress how yummy Five Guys is, why have I not been enjoying these burgers and fries for years? Everyone needs to go. They have great veggies options and smaller burgers too, plus hot dogs too. From now on I've fully given up on greasy, lack lustre burgers which are tasteless when I could treat myself to Five Guys every now and then. I just can't get over how good this place is especially at this price and speed. I completely understand the hype behind this company. With Five Guys finally expanding across the Uk hopefully a store will be opening near you soon and you'll get to try their famous burgers and fries, plus the most crazy soda combinations out there. I really hope they open a Newcastle store soon because otherwise I'll be having serious withdrawals. Definitely worth a try for any burger lovers out there, you will not be disappointed.

Have you tried Five Guys? Where's your favourite burger joint? Where should I try next?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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