Wednesday, 28 January 2015

DIY Lip Plumping Gloss

A lot of people shed out tones of money on high quality lip plumpers, I know I have in the past. Lip Venom and simpler plumpers can set you back a good penny or two when all they are a just a few ingredients known to agitate your lips in order to help plump them. So why shell out big bucks when you can easily fake it for a few pennies and get the sassy trout pout you've always wanted. Kylie Jenner would be proud.

All you're going to need is a your favourite lipgloss shade. Make sure it's a gloss because this is going to work with a lip stick due to the consistency you need to make.  I opted for Seventeen's Lip Lustre gloss in Polished. By opting for a clear gloss I can make any of my favourite lip shades pop even more with some extra lip plumping volume.

Then all you have to do is find some liquid peppermint oil, I used Holland & Barrett's Japanese Oil of Peppermint Liquid Extract and put a few drops inside. Give it a stir and then you're good to go. You'll find the peppermint oil at all health stores. I just bought this from Holland and Barrett for five pounds. You can either pipet the oil into the gloss or just tip a few drops in like it did and then give it a stir so the oil incorporates into the gloss. Voila there you have it your very own, candy cane tasting pluming lipgloss.

Here's my before and after, I have a pretty plum bottom lip but my top is slightly thinner and using my new gloss really helped even everything out. More than anything it made my lips more prominent  as well as fuller. I love applying my new clear plumping gloss over MAC's Velvet Teddy, it certainly helps give me that Kylie look without having to overline my lips. I absolutely love this plus the tingling sensation is oddly satisfying.  

(ignore the grainy quality, damn you iPhone 5 front camera)

 A few drops will transform your lips gloss into a lip pluming, smacker growing, trout pout power gloss. Considering this some plumping gloss can set you back up to around £30, and I made this for only about £8 (£4.89 for peppermint oil, £3.99 for gloss) I think this stuff is a steal. Plus you have peppermint oil left over to use for numerous bottles of DIY plumping gloss. So bring it on Kylie Jenner, I challenge you to a pout war.

Have you shelled money out for plumping gloss? Are you going to try DIY it? What DIYs would you like to see on the blog?
Let me know in the comments below. 


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