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My Dubrovnik adventure: part two

So in the first part of my Dubrovnik blog, which if you haven't seen yet is here, I spoke about my first two amazing days in the most gorgeous hidden gem of a city break. But the next two days were just as amazing; full of lots of beautiful views, amazing sights and the nerdiest tour of all. So the main reason we went to Dubrovnik in the first place is because it plays host to Kings Landing from HBO's Game of Thrones and being a huge fan (no shame) and an aspiring actress visiting the sets and learning inside secrets about filming was amazing for me. We also stumbled upon the most beautiful bar with the best view ever, I can't even begin to describe it so make sure you read on to check that out. Dubrovnik was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and hopefully reading this will make you realise just how much this place has to offer.  

On day three we were up early and straight into the Old Town to meet our tour guide. She was a local lady who was clearly into GoT as much as me, if not more. She was so good telling us lots of local history as well as the history of the books/show. She also told us some naughty spoilers about what sets may or may not show up in the next season and what it was like being an extra on the set. She showed us so many of the sets and then even went on to explain how they have been edited through CGI. There was only us and one other guy from the states so it was just like have a private tour, so good. The tour also allowed us to view the city from some spots we may have missed if we didn't go on it. We were able to view the Old Town from across the way from Fort Lovrijenac and from the huge city walls which surrounded it so. The perfect 'dragon' eye views of the Red Keep.

It's so weird looking at this and there's just that huge tower which isn't even there but looks so realistic in the show.

Of course I had a some major fan girl moments when I got to any locations that Khaleesi had been filmed in. 

Then it was time to grab our daily ice cream from Sladoledarna and the woman knew I wanted the delicious lemon flavour again, it was too good to pass on. I also got the summer fruits because berry sorbet is another of my personal favourites.  Look how scummy that looks, mmm.

From here we hopped in a mini bus and traveled about twenty minutes out of Dubrovnik to Trsteno  so we could to the Arboretum, the most beautiful and vibrant botanical garden. If you watch Game Of Thrones you'll recognise this garden as the garden, literally every outdoor shot at Kings Landing takes place here. It's the most beautiful place, I could have wander around for hours. We also got to go to the sea view overlook, see the oldest olive oil press in Croatia, and the fountain which was literally the most beautiful thing ever. A lilypad filled koi pond over looked by a huge fountain and statues plus a huge skull cave, so awesome.

From here we followed the path down towards the sea, to find some more of the sets. It just became more beautiful if that is even possible. We saw some real hidden gems. Then we wandered up off the beaten path to find our last set of the day, the Godwoods which had the best view of the Adriatic sea. This tour was literally the coolest thing ever, if you ever head to Dubrovnik I really suggest it because not only do you learn the real history of the city you also get to head further out the you most likely do by yourself.

We headed back to the hotel for a swim and then freshened up for dinner. We headed back into the Old Town and managed to find a restaurant we really wanted to try, Azur. This place had amazing reviews on trip advisor and we thought a bit of Mediterranean Asian fusion would go down a treat, we weren't disappointed. We started with some little nibbles and the most amazing, homemade bread with the local wine. Seriously if you love carbs, Dubrovnik is the place for you. I started with the tempura shrimp and muscles with a really spicy mayo while James opted for the Mediterranean chicken salad. Then for mains James went for the Salmon while I treated myself to swordfish, black curry with jasmine rice and roasted veggies, too delicious. I really wish we had got ourselves some of the wasabi salmon pouches because they looked amazing too. Such a yummy meal.

Then we took a lovely wander through the Old Town under the moon, we really didn't want tomorrow to be our finale day. We even rubbed Marin Drzic statues golden nose to hopefully bring us some luck. If possible I think the Old Town looks even prettier at night when it's all lit up and all you can see if stars above.

A-line dogtooth skirt Missguided | White cropped jumper Missguided | Mandarin Jetset bag Michael Kors | Logo belt Michael Kors | Shearling and fur tan coat Forever 21 | Buckle cutout boots Vintage Store

Our finale day was a slower, more relax one to say the least. We went and explored the museum inside Rector's Palace in the morning, and ate at a little cafe upon the main street. Then James decided he wanted to jump into the sea. He instantly regretted it. I just had to paddle because the water was far too cold and that's coming from a girl who used to have cold baths as a child (out of choice, my parents didn't hate me.) The water was so clear, I wish it had been warmer so I could of jumped in. I also was kept company by numerous cats while he swam. Literally there's so many cats in Dubrovnik, because the Old Town keeps them all within the walls they're just everywhere. It's a crazy cat lady paradise.

Then we headed to Cafe Buza. I can't even begin to describe this place, it was so beautiful I really have never seen a view like it. From the outside it looks like nothing, a little gate in the city walls with a sign saying cold drinks; most people would over look it. But through that gate is the most amazing bar upon the rocks overlooking the Adriatic sea. We literally sat here for hours drinking fresh pineapple juice and local beer as we watched the sun set over the sea. If I could have spent longer here I would have done. I didn't ever want to leave Buza or Dubrovnik for that matter.

Then we headed back to the hotel where we fell asleep and missed our dinner reservation, ows but we were so sleepy and had to be up at 4 o'clock the next day to catch our flight back to London so we weren't too upset. Then we left beautiful Dubrovnik and came back to the harsh and oh so cold reality of university deadlines. Dubrovnik was such an amazing place and the perfect city break, I'd go back in a heart beat. Seriously everyone needs to head out there right now because it really is a gem waiting for you to discover. It was the best adventure and present I could have ever asked for, I'm so grateful to James for treating me with this trip. Happy 20th to me alright. This city is such a wonderful place with so much culture and history, plus amazing views and food too. I definitely left a little bit of my heart in Dubrovnik, what a place.

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? Would you like to go? Where was the best city break you've been on?
Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Omg, I envy you so much. I am such GoT fan too and I am amazed by how beautiful the garden is and it is totally recognisable (:
    The pictures are stunning, I didn't know that they also filmed danaerys scenes there.

    Xx from Italy

    1. It was so amazing, definitely worth a trip for any GoT fan! It's so amazing getting to see all the sets, especially Danaerys ones. You need to go xo.


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