Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette Box Set

Now a cheap but amazing smelling perfume is hard to come by... Usually you're lucky to spend around £40 for a lovely scent but most of the time your paying for a brand rather than the potent liquid within the bottle. Well what if I could tell that there's two perfumes out there retailing for £12 in total! Two different scents, two 100ml bottles and one is a fanatic dupe for a designer perfume. Zara have really treated us with this little boz set, wow. 

Zara Woman Eau De Toilette box set is the most perfect little treat anyone's perfume collection could have. These super wearable scents last forever and are perfect for both day and night wear. While separately they will cost you £9.95 each, as a duo they will only cost you a few pounds more; what a bargain. The two smells are very different so either if you love them both then treat yourself or give one to a friend as a small token of appreciation, because at that price you can't go wrong. I first discovered the oriental perfume a year back when my sister bought me it for my birthday and I fell in love, my mum loved it too and really wanted some so around mothers day I went to buy her a bottle which is when I discovered the box set and then I just couldn't resist buying myself one too, opps. That also just shows how great these scents are, both me 20 and my mother who's... a little bit older let's just say can both appreciate and wear these scents. They are not dated or sickly in any ways plus they have a great stay-put power to their scents. What's not to love?

As I said above I first receive the Oriental scent back last year for my birthday, my sister bought it as she'd heard it was a great dupe for Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, a personal favourite of mine. I must say the similarities are uncanny, this is the best dupe scent out there however this won't eat away at your hard earned cash like a 100ml bottle of Flowerbomb will, £75 is just too much. This perfume is light but still musky, it definitely smells oriental as the jasmine and patchouli notes come through. However the rich smell of caramel comes through to give a sweeter aroma but is not overpowering by the bergamot balancing this out. Even though this sounds a quite sweet perfume it is at the same time very fresh and by far on of my favourite in my entire collection. 

Fruity is sweeter than Oriental, the smell of mandarin and grapefruit is clear thus making it a great summer perfume. The vanilla undertones are subtle and yet again in balance with citrus scents mean this is sweet but not sickly. Also something I love is that you can smell the rose notes within this without smelling like a bowl of potpourri. While the name suggests it's fruity, it's not too overpoweringly fruity, just more of sweetness. And while I prefer Oriental for year round year, I often opt for Fruity during the summer, especially for my holidays as it just smells so summery and well fruity. I find this to be a very girly scent and if you like heavily musky perfume this is not the one for you, but even saying that I'm usually a musk kind of girl and I do love this for days when its sunny outside and I'm in a cute little sun dress. For these times its just perfect. 

This little box set is my go to present for people when I'm struggling for a small but yet still lovely present for occasions. The packaging is so pretty nobody will complain especially when they smell how yummy these scents are. A great christmas present for any girl I'd say. But I'd get one while stocks last because they will fly off the shelves come holiday season because really for £6 each, who can complain? 

What's your favourite cheap perfume? Have you tried Zara's perfume range before?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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