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Skinny Minnies Supplements

So on my journey to getting my body back after the return to uni binge, I thought it would be the perfect time to try a diet supplement meal plan. After reading up on a few different types of dietary supplements including Juice Plus and Celebrity Slim I opted for SkinnyMinnies Supplements Meal Time shakes. All the reviews for this product were good and everyone said how yummy they tasted,  so I thought I      should give them a try. I ordered myself their £20 7 day trial, which comes equipped with 14 shakes of your choice and a shaker. I opted for 7 of my favorite ice-cream flavor, choc-mint and also 7 choc-orange shakes too.  I received a lot of questions about these shakes on instagram and twitter so read here exactly what I thought. 

The meal time package is a meal replacement formula designed to aid in weight loss andy replacing two meals a day with a shake it is supposed to cut calorie intake while also being able to use after a session at the gym in order to replenish tired muscles. The shakes are high in protein yet low in carbs and fat (though the taste wouldn't make you think so.) They also use the fat reducing compounds of green tea and L-carnitine to boost your metabolism. The shakes contain a blend of Whey proteins which help ensure you maintain healthy lean muscle while burning away fat. They are supper easy to make and only require either 300ml of water or 0% skimmed milk along with the powder. 

So what you receive depends entirely on the  option you order , I went for option 4 , a seven day trial of the product with a shaker and 14 shakes of your choice, all for £20. This product is great for those wishing to try the product, they also do a testing set for those who don't require a shaker for £16.80. These two sets are the cheapest availilbe on the site as the others have higher quantities of shakes and/or diet pills included. I really like the amount of choice this comapny give you. When you order you pick your shaker colour, black or pink nd your shake favors; you can try one of everything, go half and half, have them all the same or even let the company surprise you with their selection. I wanted to get flavors I know I'd enjoy just so I could really test the product truly with battling with a strange flavor I didn't really like.

Wow, that really is all I can say. These treats are so indulgent that you really feel like your doing a lot more damaged to your calorie intake than you really are. I mixed my powders with 0% skimmed milk and they tasted so rich and creamy, just like a delicious creamy milk shake. I could slurp on these for days on end! So yummy I can't even describe it. The choc-mint tasted just like a melted ice cream while the chic-orange tasted like somebody had got a Terrys chocolate orange and liquified it. How amazing! I can highly suggest these two flavors, I really want to try the Peanut Toffee and Black cherry next time as they sound delicious!

I really did enjoy this product, the shakes are so tasty and easy to make, I always mix on up just before walking to university as my breakfast then have a second later on in the day. I really do love the amount of choice the company offer too and the great flavors they stock from simple vanilla to yummy bannoffee to a seasonal special of chocolate bunny over Easter. While using the products I did find myself still needing to snack between 'meals' however as while they did fill me up for a few hours at a time, I often became hungry between shakes thought I did notice I wasn't craving sweet products as much so I could fill my hole with a few rice crackers or carrot sticks rather than a not so low fat blueberry muffin. One thing I must say when using this product, I was very dehydrated so if you are to purchase them or in fact any supplement, make sure to drinks lots of water! Weight wise, I did see some different though magical shifting of a few stone it was not. Just a steady few lbs during the duration of my course. Maybe this was because I only used the product a week, I know similar products take about three weeks till a real difference in weight appears.

As I said before a 7 day trial of shakes with a shaker will cost you £20 with a UK shipping fee of £5. Plus you can also order individual shakes for  only £1.20 which is a great way to test a flavor without bulk buying it. I did enjoy the products, however and I would repurchase as I did loose some weight during use. I think more than anything though I would buy them as just yummy breakfast shakes as they are so convenient for on a morning and so damn tasty!

What's your opinion on meal supplements? Have you used a good one before? Would you try SkinnyMinnies?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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