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Bootea Teatox

With summer fast approaching I'm sure I am not the only one trying to shift those extra pounds in time for swimsuit season. I've just booked myself a cheeky 10 days in Salou and Barcelona and I'm booking my family holiday in the coming weeks so I though this would be the perfect time to repurchase the newest fad in weight loss aid, a teatox. Earlier this year after doing my research and seeing numerous teas available on the market I decided to try BooTea, a Uk based 14/28 day teatox company. They use natural ingredients such as dandelion root, gotu kola leaves and psyllium seeds in order to create 100% natural health supplement that promote a healthy and balance lifestyle. Their teas contain a mixture of natural health and weight loss ingredients to help shed the pounds without drastically restricting calorie intake like other types of detoxs do. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you know I'm obsessed with Bootea, This is my third repurchase so have a look below to see exactly what I love about this product.

How it works
Bootea works by using natural ingredients in order to detox your body whilst aiding weightloss through the process of elimination, by removing unwanted toxins and waste matter built up in your body via the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin. However the tea isn't just a quick cheat to weight loss, I know for me I really notice a suppression in my appetite, my skin vastly improves and I'm a lot less bloated when I use this product and I feel completely guilt free because I know it's 100% natural. Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. The natural health and weight loss ingredients we use are specifically and finitely selected to maximise the detoxification process.
What's included
 In your teatox kit, whether you opt for the 14 or 28 day cleanse, you will receive two types of loose-leaf tea bags. A Daytime Tea which your drink daily for the duration of the teatox and a Bedtime Cleanse which you consume every other day before bed, hence the name. The Daytime Tea works to increased your metabolism which burn calories while also suppressing that pesky appetite which prevents snacking.  It also fills your with energy which I know for me at least motivates me to work out. The Bedtime Cleanse however cleans out your digestive system and thus helps prevent any excess calories being stored as fat. The Bedtime tea is referred to as a cleanse however due to the laxative properties which it contains. The use of Senna leaves means the tea acts as a 100% natural cool cleanse, something which many health professionals advise you undergo regularly in order to keep your digestive system in tip-top shape. 

The taste
Bootea tastes a lot like any other herbal tea, so if your used to green tea this won't taste too different for you, though saying that even though I am an avid drinker of green tea at first I found the tea I did add a little honey to sweeten the taste. However now I love the taste of theses teas so I don't even require a natural sweeteners. The Daytime Tea tastes more like a standard green/herbal tea while the Bedtime Cleanse taste more like a peppermint tea due to its use of peppermint leaves within the bag.

This purchase of Bootea is my third, I started with a 14 day cleanse in January and since have purchased the 28 day set twice. I highly suggest you start with the smaller amount due to the fact that everyones body will react differently to this tea so it's most likely best to just test drive with the small amount for your first go. Clearly something is working for me to rebuy this tea and in the higher quantity. I adore this stuff and after only a few days I really do a difference, in both the way I look and feel. After a few days of using this product not only with I feel less bloated and my skin will clear and become brighter, I also feel full of energy which makes me motivated to go to the gym while using the product and thus making the weight loss aid even better. Each time I have used the product I have lost weight, the most impressive result being 10lbs! While using the product I try exercise regally and eat healthily to maximise the results. I often use Bootea free eating plan, which can be found here, to optimize the detoxification process and it really does help. Also if you search #Bootea on instagram you will see numerous people posting their transformations and weightloss photos from this product. 

I personally swear by this product and while it isn't a quick cheat to losing weight, it certainly aids in the process. A 14 day Teatox will cost you £19.99 while the 28 day set will set you back £ 37.99. However Bootea often give discounts codes and sales on their items for example the 28 day Teatox is currently on sale for £34.99! UK shipping is a flat rate of £3 and they usually deliver in three days which is great for those impatient shoppers like myself. They also ship internationally too!

What's your opinion on teatoxs? Have you used a good one in the past? Would you try BooTea in the future?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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