Thursday, 11 October 2012

FIT Me Foundation from Maybelline

 I have been dying to try Maybeline's FIT me foundation for months now after seeing it advertised everywhere and I finally managed to get my hands on it. I had to swatch my colour for a while but finally worked out that I was 120 classic ivory. One thing I love about this foundation is that like a Mac/Nars foundation it comes in a wide range of shades with undertone colouring in mind so it can accommodate to both those with pink and yellow colouration. I would be very surprised if you were to try this foundation and not get a good colour match since the shading range is so diverse. Before my first use I had a look about online and read what others thought of the product, and I was shocked to see mostly negative reviews! Had I just wasted my £7.99? Well being me, I am never one to make a judgement based on what others think so I tried it out and it didn't let me down. 

I was so impressed with this product. I would consider myself to have normal/combination skin in the sense it's pretty dry on a morning apart from on my nose and T-zone where I am slightly shinier but my entire face becomes gradually more oily throughout the day. I applied it using Real Techniques stippling brush to achieve my HD finish. I found unlike some foundations in this price range that this product glided on smoothly and was extremely easy to blend before setting with a loose power. 

When first applied, I was scared this foundation may be too lightweight for my taste but it builds easily to a medium coverage. This foundation is far from cakey due to its gel foundation nature. I love that it contains SPF 18 and lightweight pigments which allow my skin's natural high and low lights to shine through. My favourite thing about this product is the main selling point according to Maybelline's tagline for the foundation, 'flawless, let's the real you come through', I have never heard a tagline so true. This foundation magically covers blemishes without concealer but also allows my freckles to show through so while it appears that I have perfect skin and it still looks natural.  
I love this foundation, easily my new favourite! It's a rival to both cheaper and more expensive foundations as it gives the finish of a high-end product without the price tag, it really isn't like any other foundation I've tried. Its give a natural look while still giving a excellent coverage, has a lovely fragrance to it and has great stay-put power. This product really does give a natural luminous finish that makes every day seem like you're having a really good skin day. This is prompting me to test the rest of the FIT me range Maybelline now offer including concealer, bronzer and powder. Overall I love this foundation and would suggest you give it a try because you may just find its FITS you because it FIT me!

Have you used FIT Me? What's your favourite drugstore foundation?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. thanks for the very informative review! :)

    - Gia


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