Thursday, 20 September 2012

Motel Robyn In Gothic Placement

So as some of you may know next month is a pretty big month for me, along with UCAS applications and  open days at london universities it will also be my 18th Birthday! Yes you read right, I will be officially legal to do everything from buying alcohol to kitchen knifes to voting in the general elections (the politics student side of me is far too excited for this, not going to lie). Unfortunately for the first time in my 17 years of life, my Birthday falls during term time rather than the usual October half term holidays which means making plans were rather more difficult than I first planned but now I have sorted it all out. On Thursday the 25th my actual Birthday I will be going to college, attending parents evening and then go for a lovely meal with my family. Then on the Saturday I will be out and about in Leeds making the most of my own ID and enjoying the halloween activities that will be on offer that weekend. But I'm possibly most excited for the Friday night. I have rented out a local venue and I'm having a party with all my loved ones and of course this required a new dress!

I have always had a love affair with online shopping and deliveries and this parcel was certainly no different. I find Motel is always one of my favourite online stores as not only do they offer a great service but also great products. I love Motel dresses as they are as their brand states 'renowned for creating well-crafted pieces in an eclectic mix of designs.' A great thing about this product was the price, with my discount code 'OliviaHelena' I managed to get my 20% off plus free delivery which was super speedy since I only purchased the dress on Sunday night. So far I'm very happy with this item. Now to the inside

So this is the dress is the Robyn Dress in Gothic Placement by Motel in the size small. It's a bodycon dress made from jersey which means it's going to be very fitted to the body - something I love in a party dress as it embraces the feminine silhouette. It features a sweetheart neckline with wide shoulder straps which is going to soften the chest and shoulder area making for a very flattering sweet but sexy look. Something I really love about this dress is the back, which you can see clearly on the sales pictures below. The double shoulder straps become one down the back of the dress giving a halter look to the dress and then from this a multi-strap design has been cut into the fabric to give a plain back a little extra va vavoom as Motel often does with their simpler dresses. I find this cut off dress super flattering for anyone with a hourglass body-type like myself as it hugs you in all the right places and shows off all your curves too. I love it so much in fact that this is a double up buy for me as I already own the exact same style of dress in plain red which I bought earlier this year.

The pattern is what really sold me on the dress, within the first couple of hours looking I had set my heart on this gothic placement pattern which Motel are currently featuring on leggins, skirts, bralettes and four types of dresses. There's something about this pattern that is just perfect for me. It's not too ott, but more than just a plain blue dress. I think the black detailing is great because it gives me chance to accessories with black shoes and a bag with gold detail which I will continue through my jewellery. I think for £28 this dress is a steal and at £25.20 with my discount code it's even better. I really suggest all my readers think about Motel when buying their next party dress, just not this one if you're attending my 18th please and thank you.

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 What's your experience with ASOS? Do you love Motel?
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