Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival Fashion Look-Book

I promised I would do this post but I never really got around to it, but as I was packing my leeds festival bag today I was swamped with more asks on tumblr begging me for this post so here it is. Enjoy my selection of festival styles that I think looks super cute for the festival. And remember festivals are a great time to experiment with fashion, so maybe take a leap of faith and try out a look you wouldn't normally.

Boho Beauty
crochet top | acid wash shorts | stud bracelet | dream catcher earrings - topshop | faux snake purse | braided belt - primark |riding boot wellies - hunters

This outfit is inspired by the easy living style of festivals, think Nicole Richie at Ccoachella. Gold jewelry and feathers really help give this look a little something more exciting than especially in white! The butterfly sleeves also really add to the hippie look. Dream catcher earrings give the outfit a native american vibe while adding a little umph to a casual chic. Think free love and peace head to toe. Top off the look by matching your outfit with beachy waves to get that boho chic look down to a T.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Virgins and Veterans; A Leeds' Festival Check List

Due to the nature of my residence, I am of the lucky people who reside in the village that hosts the amazing festival that is Leeds' Festival. And because of this I have been to the festival every single year since 2009, however my mum was not silly enough to let me camp then but I have camped for the last two years, making this my third. For anybody wondering my favorite place to camp is yellow campsite, I always feel it's the safest and it is known to be the nicest plus we have the best campsite DJ going, most who are fellow Leeds' residents so what's not to love. Because I live so close to the festival I know exactly what's happening right now in terms of the festival coming together so for your update (which is sure to make you very excited) right now I know that the tents/stages are in process of being put up, the campsites and marked, fenced and flagposted and all the road signs are taking over the idellyic country side and main stage is in the first stages of being built! I personally have ready started collecting my much needed items for the festival but I know for all you Leeds virgins that this process can be a little daunting. You may be stressing on what you need so that's exactly what this post is all about, well that and what you don't need and what I seriously suggest you consider taking with you as well.

*Although this list is customised to Leeds' festival, it is similar to any other festival although you should check with your festival on limitations on certain items like gazebos and BBQ's.*
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