Thursday, 14 June 2012

Two of a Kind; Olsen Appreciation

The 14 of June is a special day, why you ask? because it was the day this earth was blessed with the incredible Olsen twins; Mary-Kate and Ashley. This year they are celebrating their 26th Birthday which makes it exactly 26 years they have been inspiring the people of the world. I adore these two girls. Everything about them from their I couldn't care less, I'll wear what I want fashion to their old movies (When in Rome was always my favourite) to their outlook on life which I learnt through reading their bio; Influence a million times. They have been such a massive influence on my personal style as well as high(street) fashion.

I love MK's grungy gothic vibe and the way she pairs it with iconic vintage pieces is just perfection plus a girl in dark red/purple lipstick will always be a girl after my own heart. Her style is more laid back that that of her sisters and a look is never complete without oversized glasses and tousled hair.  I love how A opts for more classic, tailored pieces in lighter shades but then can contrast this prim and proper look with a plunging neck line and be so seductive in a mature and classy kind of way.  So feminine and ladylike. They both just looks effortlessly chic at the drop of a hat, with their tousled bed head locks and oversized statement pieces. Yes, in the past they have made some questionable fashion choices, and yes sometimes they look more bag lady than fashion icons but when you're that perfect why the hell not take a risk plus their unique take on style is what makes them part of the fashion elite.

 So whether these girls are front row at NY fashion week, attending a premiere, or just running into Barneys and Starbucks the trendsetting twins never fail to gain my style appreciation. Elizabeth has some big fashion boots to fill. Happy Birthday MK & A! and congrats on the fashion triumphs that influence me and inspire me every single day. TEAM OLSEN ALL THE WAY! 



Do you love MK and Ashely's style? Have you always been an Oslen fan?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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