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It's that time of year again, summer or better known as bikini, holiday and festival season and I'm sure you, like me, want a hot summer bod. I started dieting hard and hitting the gym daily because even though I do not let my weight define who I am, I am in not extremely happy with my body at the moment and I personally do not feel ready to do the bikini walk to the pool just yet. But with exams and revision taking over my life my diet and fitness routine slowly disappeared but with less than a month to go before my vacation, I'm getting back on track! My room is covered in models so I have all the thinspo I will ever need but I am doing this for myself, nobody else. I think the most important thing about weight loss is that you do it for you, not to conform to somebody else's idea of what beauty is. I'm doing this just to give me that confidence I need/want in summer, the confidence to wear short shorts and a bikini without feeling like a whale plus I like how much more lively I feel when I'm slightly skinner. I don't count myself as fat, I'm a 8 on my top (or six deepening on the style) and either a 8/10 on bottoms due to my Kim K wannabe butt, but I'd just like to be back to full single digits for the summer just to feel comfortable you know. So from now on my healthy eating and home work outs plus gym time starts! Here's some thinspiration just to kick start your desire to read on.

Eat yourself skinny.
So one way to get your desired results is by watching what you eat, be that by counting kcals, using a point system, water fasting or healthy small but more frequent meals. I have tried all these methods and they all do give results, however some are more lasting that other. My first tip is do not stop eating all together! Yes you will loose weight but you are seriously hurting your body and will put weight on twice as quick when you start eating again (even if it's healthy meals). Personally I use a combo of these techniques like for exam one day per week I do a water fast, it's usually a Sunday because you pee like mad while you're on it. This flushes your body out and also stops you snaking as water is pretty filling. Everytime I get hungry, I grab a bottle of water and drink it. Then I use my cheat snacks and counting throughout the week such a smaller portions of food during meals, using water as a hunger aid still but alternating this with healthier snacks such as frozen grapes, apples with peanut butter, veggies dipped in hummus or one of my favourite lunch meals - peanut butter with bananas on whole wheat bread, mmm. For more ideas on healthy snacks click here!

It takes work.
There are so many ways to get a great work out be it hitting the gym, a pilates class, zumba fitness, a home workout or just a run. Anything is better than nothing! So I know sometimes the gym isn't the most most feasible option, trust me living in the country side has major drawbacks in relation to facilities and public transport. But there is something about the gym that does just make you workout hard. But if your like me to struggle to get there; be that your not mentally ready to face a gym or your transportation sucks but neither of these reasons are not reason enough to stop trying and working out. Go for a jog, run up and down your stairs, a bike ride or even use my new favourite selection of online videos to have a one-on-one workout in the comfort of your own home. To see my vast collection of workout videos you can follow at home then click here! THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER

Hate restarting? Do not quit!
I'm not going to sit here and bullshit to you all that there is some quick miracle fix to get you skinny, either way to spin it you have to put in the work. It takes time, hard work and dedication. The only person you can make you get to your goal is yourself! The worst thing about this process is starting off, trust me I know but if you stick to it then you only have to start once and it stops becoming a chore and becomes a lifestyle.  Every time you look in a mirror you will be happier and want to reach your goal even more as it seems ever more possible. Whenever you doubt yourself, look in that mirror and see where you want to be. Every time you fancy a snack swap that bag of crisps for apple. Will power is a muscle. The more you use it; the stronger it gets. Stop making excuses, stop putting it off, stop saying you can't. I'm starting now, I will have my dream body! The choice is yours, fancy joining me? Then we will have those beach bodies we've always dreamed of  for 2012 and every year to follow! 

Are you beach body ready? What's your favourite fitness workout?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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