Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fly The Nest

Feathers are always the perfect summer accessory to give any outfit that boho vibe or spice up any festival look book. This summer, the feather hair extension trend is one of young Hollywoods hottest beauty favorites everyone from Ke$ha in her favourite bird stylings to the numerous starlets who dawned the look at coachella to the queen of the single ladies Beyonce. With  every trendsetter and their following buying into this trend I think it's time we style steal and join the look. I know I'll be rocking it come Leeds Festival.

So how and where can you get these amazing feather hair accents you ask? Well first take a look at Samii Ryan's feather line, By Samii Ryan - the magic behind Ke$ha, Demi and Hanna Beth's stylings. While the YH trend is to have feather sown in/glued extensions for most of us that is slightly unpractical so Samii's line is perfect. She does the feather now in a simple and less permeant way. Clips and earring feather accents are a perfect way to add this trend into your daily look but without the commitment of having it everyday. She creates a range of styles and colour making her pieces easy to incorporate for that boho chic touch to any look. Personally I loooove the clips, I think you could hide them in your hair so easily and create some amazing looks, I'm very tempted to invest! For one clip you're looking at anywhere between $20-$28 or you can treat yourself for two clips for $35 which I think is a better idea by far. The earrings range in price but I really like the ones with other things on them like the wooden crosses featured in these. Something else I love about Samii's site is how on each clip it states what the colours are believe to mean in some Native American cultures such as white for sharing and gray for friendship, which I think is a lovely touch to the site. My top faves to check out on Samii's site are the black beaded earrings,  the black iridescent clip and the 3 chain clip. 


Sultra is now making feather extensions possible in an accessible and easy way for everyone. These extensions come with a clip atop each feathered piece to allow for easy ins/outs of the trend, no commitment necessary. Something great about these clips is that due to the clip being in your hair, you don't always want a straight feather accent when you are sporting big bouncy curls and with these that's no problem, they're pro styling heat use. Curl them, wave them, straighten them. Amazing, I know. You'll be shelling out $25 for a pack of these which isn't too unreasonable due to the feathers being real rooster feathers and due to the fact they are clip ins and heater safe. I love them in the Sun kisses and Blaze but I think the boho breeze colour would look great with a very basic outfit or a festival crazed look.

You could also try making your own feather look which I'm going to attempt after I next visit Hobbycraft. You could try a Samii inspired look and buy some clips, chains and feathers and try work them together(if you have any success with this let me know) or you could order a DIY feather hair extension kit from DoHairExtensions, where you get all the things you need to give yourself feathered extensions which can last up to 3/4 months with the right care and can also be washed and styled to fit with your daily looks. A kit from the sit will only cost you $19.99 but feathers aren't included, for that price you're just getting the tools you'll need including 10 hair beads/micro links in your chosen hair colour, a application/removal tool and a wire threader. Then you can chose your desired feathers and style them/fit them all by yourself. Now you might think this way seems cheap but isn't but it is... you buy the set with the beads, thats 10 separate extensions right there. A new pack of beads is only $3, not exactly a hefty price tag. Feathers is where the money can add up a mix of five colour themed feathers such a the peacock mix will set you back $9.50 but be smart and wholesale shop where you can get 50 feathers for $40! Works out a lot cheaper.

So whether you DIY your extensions, clip them in or wear them as an earrings you'll be Hollywood Hot on the trendar. Are you going to opt in or out of this new high flying trend? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

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