Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit's High Beam

If you know me or have even just seen a photo of me then you'll know how important cheekbones are too my look, the amount of time I spend contouring to achieve good cheek bones is silly. I wish I was bless with extremely strong cheekbones but sadly this isn't the case, damn you chipmunk cheeks.  Sadly theres nothing you can do about that is there... wait is there? Well in this day and age of course there is and it comes from the wonder workers at Benefit. You may have heard of this miracle product, that I and many others swear by called well High Beam!

So a standard bottle of High Beam will set you back £18.50, a little hefty for 13ml but due to the nature of the product a little goes a long way. The product is pretty much true to colour in the bottle - a pearlescent pink with pearly white running along inside. The brush while being very basic, it's offers a great way to apply the product may that be onto your hand to transfer to your face or straight onto the face, however be careful if you opt for straight for the face as the brush can often seem to hold more product that one thinks and theres' nothing sexy about looking like the moon.

This product is first and foremost a cheek highlighter but can be used sparingly across other areas of the face, I for example use it along my brow bones as a highlighter instead of shadow to shape my face as well as down the center of my nose. I also blend it down to my cupid bows to create a perfect pout and give the impression of a fuller lip. To apply this product first apply my base of foundation before applying dots on this product in needed areas and blending out, on my cheeks I often just lightly swipe the brush up, from lip starting side of the bone up to the top of my cheekbone before blending the colour with my fingers and then finally setting with a power. However Benefit pride this product on how it can be used for both under or over makeup. I find this product is a great way to revive any makeup half way through the day by dabbing a few spots and blending on top of makeup to give you a fresh and revitalised look. 

Overall I adore this product, it gives that amazing luminous glow it promises and really does highlight, structure and gives you that radiance which seemed so impossible without it. A must have in any makeup collection/bag. I completely understand the hype about this product and it's a tried and tested favourite of mine as I am now on my several bottle I believe. I would never stop using it. It refreshes dull makeup, brightens everyday makeup and makes a simple going out look shine. I seriously recommend you all go and try it for yourself, I assure you you'll love the results. 

Have you tried High Beam? Do you love highlighting?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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