Thursday, 14 June 2012

Two of a Kind; Olsen Appreciation

The 14 of June is a special day, why you ask? because it was the day this earth was blessed with the incredible Olsen twins; Mary-Kate and Ashley. This year they are celebrating their 26th Birthday which makes it exactly 26 years they have been inspiring the people of the world. I adore these two girls. Everything about them from their I couldn't care less, I'll wear what I want fashion to their old movies (When in Rome was always my favourite) to their outlook on life which I learnt through reading their bio; Influence a million times. They have been such a massive influence on my personal style as well as high(street) fashion.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fly The Nest

Feathers are always the perfect summer accessory to give any outfit that boho vibe or spice up any festival look book. This summer, the feather hair extension trend is one of young Hollywoods hottest beauty favorites everyone from Ke$ha in her favourite bird stylings to the numerous starlets who dawned the look at coachella to the queen of the single ladies Beyonce. With  every trendsetter and their following buying into this trend I think it's time we style steal and join the look. I know I'll be rocking it come Leeds Festival.


Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit's High Beam

If you know me or have even just seen a photo of me then you'll know how important cheekbones are too my look, the amount of time I spend contouring to achieve good cheek bones is silly. I wish I was bless with extremely strong cheekbones but sadly this isn't the case, damn you chipmunk cheeks.  Sadly theres nothing you can do about that is there... wait is there? Well in this day and age of course there is and it comes from the wonder workers at Benefit. You may have heard of this miracle product, that I and many others swear by called well High Beam!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


It's that time of year again, summer or better known as bikini, holiday and festival season and I'm sure you, like me, want a hot summer bod. I started dieting hard and hitting the gym daily because even though I do not let my weight define who I am, I am in not extremely happy with my body at the moment and I personally do not feel ready to do the bikini walk to the pool just yet. But with exams and revision taking over my life my diet and fitness routine slowly disappeared but with less than a month to go before my vacation, I'm getting back on track! My room is covered in models so I have all the thinspo I will ever need but I am doing this for myself, nobody else. I think the most important thing about weight loss is that you do it for you, not to conform to somebody else's idea of what beauty is. I'm doing this just to give me that confidence I need/want in summer, the confidence to wear short shorts and a bikini without feeling like a whale plus I like how much more lively I feel when I'm slightly skinner. I don't count myself as fat, I'm a 8 on my top (or six deepening on the style) and either a 8/10 on bottoms due to my Kim K wannabe butt, but I'd just like to be back to full single digits for the summer just to feel comfortable you know. So from now on my healthy eating and home work outs plus gym time starts! Here's some thinspiration just to kick start your desire to read on.

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