Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Revision Relief

So it's that dreaded time of we all must face, yes today I'm procrastinating from my revision with a revision based blog. I am pretty ill at the moment so I've been bed bound for the last couple of days resulting in a hella lot of revision (pitty me) but I tried lots of useful little things to keep me on task and hopefully will help me pass my exams come next week. These are my top six hints and tips to be used when revising for exams and pre-exams so hopefully come the end of these horrid few weeks we will all be alive, merry and most likely drunk.

It's proven that certain foods such as oily fish and blackberries boost brain power and activity. So treat yourself and your brain as part of your revision to get your head in good shape. Instead of grabbing a jaffa cake or two during a study session go nuts for nuts. It is proven that a higher intake of vitamin E helps with memory and nuts are a great source of vit E and well as being pretty easy on the waist line in small quantities or opt for a blackberry boost as they also help memory, long term that is. The antioxidants can improve thinking as well but I know these baby boys can be a pricey pickup but here's a cool tip, but them frozen as the freezing process locks in flavour as well as nutrients, so the berries' antioxidant capacity is maxed out. Or spark with dark, chocolate that is. Easily one of the yummiest brain boosters out there. This antioxidant rich treat improves focus and concentration while being a nice little perk-me-upper and a perfect way to treat yourself for all your hard work. Other top brain foods are coffee, eggs, broccoli, banannas, spinich and low fat yoghurts. 
Ps. did you notice how most of these foods are pretty healthy too? Who said you can't be skinny and smart?

Revision is like a bicycle, you always must remember to brake. Studying is a killer on your mood and your brain so don't let yourself over do it, you'll become tried and in turn more stressed. So take a break. Manage your revision in chunks with timed breaks in between them, so revise for an hour or two and then relax for one. During study time disconnect yourself from everything but revision so turn off your tech (it's only two hours, not that much can happen) and buckle down then when it's time to relax, do just that. Watch tv, phone a friend, grab a bite to eat or do my favourite wind down - have a bath. After a hard study session theres nothing I love more than lighting candles, adding some bubble bath (normally lavender as it's a great calming product), resting my laptop on the window sill and watching some tv while soaking and winding down. But make sure your breaks don't over take your revision, you're taking an exam in politics not taking relaxing bubble baths.

It's proven that revision with subjects like history and politics one of the best revision aids is a friend. Dates and vocabulary it's always better if someone else is testing you (rather than testing yourself and taking a cheeky peak). Revision budies not only make the work more fun but more doable. If you don't know something, you can ask. If you need a tip on a way to revise a certain thing, you can ask. You need motivation, you can ask. You can test each other, share notes, discusss certain topics, distribute work load, feed back to each other and really help one and other. 

See it, hear it, do it. Which way works for you? Working out what type of learner you are and what methods of revision work for you could make all the difference. If your an auditory learner rewriting your notes as mindmaps, highlight key point and drawing diagrams might help you remember your info while auditory learners may find a study buddy, reading notes aloud and even the record and listen while you sleep technique handy. And for all us kinesthetic learners remember by doing so move around while revising or even take your book to the gym and rest your text book on it while you run (legally blonde style) You may look abit odd but it makes a word of difference.

Put down that can of soda and opt for a cup of green or peppermint tea. Not only better on the waist but they also contain properties to calm and destress yourself. Detox your body, detox your mind. Green tea contains dopamine, a happy chemical so this will decrease anxious levels giving you the confidence you need to actually do as well as you can. Peppermint tea works very slimily and it doesn't contain caffeine stopping you getting all the beauty and brain sleep you need for exam season. 

That day is on the horizon, the day when you can put your pens down and finally relax. Nothing feels better than having that last exam over and done with so treat yourself! Make plans for after your exams be it a meal with friends, a party or just a few wind down drinks. I personally will be going to as many exam parties as I can make up for all these sober nights I've given to revision. But having these plans on the horizon will push your revision on by you just knowing there is some light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of all this hard work you have a reward for yourself. 

I hope you take these into account guys, you never know they might make all the difference. I wish you the best of luck my lovely followersand let me know how do you. Cross your fingers for me guys.
Are you exam ready? Have you got an study tips?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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